When I Was 12,i Fall In Love

 Hi all.My name is Chin Yen Ling.I'm a chinese that is born in Malaysia.Here's a story about me.I fell in love with my best friend,Calven Yap Vern Weii at standard 3.And now i'm standard 6.He is my classmate from standard 2 to standard 6.For me,he is a kind,lovely,cute boy.People may think that he is ugly but for me he is my everything.I will always chat with him in Windows Live Mesenger everynight.We would always chat about school life.One night,while i was chatting with him,he suddenly tell me that he love me.I wanna tell him that i love him too but i just cant open my mouth.I just cant type the word "I love you too Calven".After a few day,Calven's freind,Dharminraj,which is also my best friend,ask me wether i love Calven or not.I told Dharminraj "no".During that time,i really wanna tell Dharminraj "yes,i love him" but i cant.Today, i wanna confess to him.But i'm afraid to do so.So i'm planning to confess to him on Sunday which is 28February2010.Its my friend's birthday party.

So i wish that everything will be great.

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-Yen Ling-


chinyenling1 chinyenling1
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Feb 25, 2010