Why Can't It Be?

"Mam excuse me ! is this an english class?" said by some one who interrupt our classes! All of us starring to that Guy amazed by his looks and posture...OOoops but i'm not one of them...i look at him in few second only..(oh why I am so defensive)...but anyway.. he is our new classmates,Warren.He's ok a quiet type maybe he's new,,but most of my classmate make freinds wiht him..i think they got crush on him hehehe,,,what a malicious mind hehehe,,,one time while waiting for our next class we saw him sitting alone so me and my budz approached him and asked something about him...while were talking that's the first time i look into his face and to my surprise he's cute..i gave joke with him and he does too he's funny to be with ..it never came to my mind that he is philosopher too (some one who did'nt anwser correctly instead answer non sense)..he know how to bully too,,,,but we stop talking when our professor enter our class and start the lecture and suddelny he tap my shoulder and said

"hey,,whats your name again?"

i answered him "does your parents teach you dont talk to strangers?"

he's shocked...and said"huh?"

"just kidding i'm mhyg"

After that were back to normal,,it's look like we did'nt know each other,,were only classmate,,but it dosent matter with me...One time while i was in the library not for researching but reading about nonsense magazine about entertainment,fashion etc..while i'am busy reading i saw him together with my classmate i smiled at him he smiled at me too...and then after a few minutes left , someone asked  if he can sit beside me,, and i said.....

"yeah,,that chair is not mine,,"

"really huh,,so what's up ms..bully..."

I take a look to know who's that..and you didnt believe it it was him,,warren,,smiling starring at me,,i dont know what to do my heart beat fast,,,but i dont know why it was happening..

"what are you doing here huh"..he said,,,

"are you blind,,of course i,m reading,,.."

"yeah youre reading,,a magazine,,,"

"so it's none of your buisenes mr transferee,,by the way why you are here,,i thought , you are with my classmate?"

"yeah but i saw saw all alone,,i pitty you"

"huh,,who need your pitty anyway,,"

"i want to talk with you again,,i enjoy talking and bully you,,and i enjoy listening to your corny  joke!'

what a..i'am speechless ,,anyway i'm happy he's enjoy my company,,and that's the beginning of our freindship,,,were always sitmates,,even there where a times we caught by the professor talking to each other but it's enjoy,,were comfortable with each other,,we have the same attitude that's why our freindship clicked..

but i never thought i can feel something with him,i dont know if this is love or what but one thing is for sure i want to be with him always,,and GOD granted my wishes,,were helping each other project,,we take a break and lunch together,,I feel he likes me but he never say something,,,even my freinds notice our sweetneess. I dont know what's wrong with him,,but i know he likes me,,but as a girl i'll never say something i wait until he's ready to open up his feelings for me,,,

The Finals is really there,,we have lot's of project to make,,,for the completion of our grade..One of professor group us into two for the project,,,i 'l never expect to be his partner but were destined to be partners,,the advantage were comfortable for each other so we believe we will finish our project,,

"Now what were gonna do.."he said

"I dont know,,"

"come on mhyg just think,,your intellegent than me isn't it?"

"it's that a complement hmm,,okey we will do some research first then we summrize then we finalize ou report got it,,."

"got  it"

we research in able to finish our project!while doing our research we did'nt stop laughing and we do a lot of talk than reading,,

"Asia is th elargest contenent,,,then followed by europe.....:while reading i feel he strarring at me and i feel discomfort that time,i feel hot but the library is fully air-conditioned,,,:

"why he straring at me..what he's problem,,"i said to my mind...

"mhyg,,i dont even know what is love until i meet you but this is not the right time if you'll only know how i want to say that to you but i intended not to,,i can feel youre feeling the same but i'm sorry may be  someday ,,i must have a reason why i'm doing this,",,  warren said to his mind,,,

"hey warren are you listineng,,what's youre problem,,,"

"i'm already bored let's get out of here',,,let's eat and let's go home"

"nice idea okey!"

While walking,going to our home i feel he's very quiet and it start bothering me..

"hey stop,,if there's any problem?' i start asked him..

"what are you talking about,,i dont have problem okey."

"are sure?,,why you are so quiet all say long,,"

"I'm tired that's why!"

"you,,,tired,,,you done nothing and then you said youre tired.."

"that's the reason why..i do nothing.."

"come on let's go its going dark",,,

"yeah coming,,"but my books fellon the ground,,"oooppppssss...wait,," while picking it up i was shocked when he pull me very hast,,and to my surprise i car pass by me very pass if he did'nt do it i will be in the hospital that time,,  I slowly look wiht him and are eyes met,,i want to say something,,I want to say how much i love him,,but no words came t my mouth,,

"are you alright!?" he asked


and after that incident he never approached me or talk to me either,,i feel he create a distance wiht me,,,he's always with my classmates,,when i try to talk to him he has a lot of excuses,,,, I notce also one my classmate with him all the time.it seem that i dont exist in his wolrd..One time while were sitting on the bench we him and cassey together he smiled to my buddy and then continue to walk again and that the time i can't control my self and shout him,,

"Hey you,,warren,,stop walking just take one step and you'll see,,"and it's effective they stop walking,,


"as far as i remember our research did not finish yet,but you're not cooperating with me,,youre always in that spoiled brat girl,,if you do not want to pass just make sure you do it in your self,,i want to passed.."

"if that's what you want,,okey we will finished our project,,so that you can passed,5:00 p.m sharp,,same place.."

and he gone like a whirl wind,,,

exaclty 5:00 P.m i come to our meeting place beside the mango tree,,our favorite hangout,,i saw him,,I thought i would be happy because we will be together again but theres something wrong..

"oh there you are let's start,,so we can finised earlier"he siad

"okey,,,it's looke like yu re allergy with me,,"

we start our project but he did'nt talked to me or asked what we need to do,,it seems i'm not existing that time,,to his surprised i got our research work and crampled it in front of him..

"hey what's your problem...why you do that,,i thought you want to passed?looked what you've done,,our professor did'nt accept it "..

"i dont care,,i dont care if i failed,,as a matter of fact it's not important for me it's just my excuses so that i will be with you agian but look what, it seems i'm not here..how about you warren what is your problem...why youre avoiding me,,,,you know how it' is hurt,,youre killing me warren,,,"

"mhyg,it just because i'm busy,,dont be over acting.."

"why i dont be over acting,,youre avoiding me ,,and it's killing me because i love you!"


"yeah you heard  right i love you,,i never know why,but i know it is love because i'm with you! so once and for all do you love me too?"


"just yes or No, warren?'

"Mhyg, i....i...i'm sorry!"

and he run fastly as he could..

Mhyg left alone with tears,pain,,shocked,,

"I am very fool i expected he feel the same now what, it hurts,,that's what love is ,hurting,,cryiing killing,,and i swear i'll never fall in love again,,"

after how many  days of self-pitty i decided to face the reality that he dont love me and were not destined for each other,,I go to sampus to get my classcard..i expected i have failed subject because we did'nt pass our research,,,but when i got my class card it's 1.25 so asked my proffesor expecting that he encircle the wrong grade..

"sir,,i think your mistaken my grade!"

"ah may i see,,""know that's correct mhyg?"

"as far i remember sir we did'nt pass our project.."

"ah,,warren passed it and youre research got a perfect score that's why."



still after what happend he try to protect me,,and i'll be happy once in my life he come and made me fall in love and wherever he is i pray that he stay safe,,my freind told me that he transfer again another school its hurt but that what love is setting free even it's hurt and i'll always  asking "WHY IT CANT BE THE TWO UF US" and the answer....still i dont know....!

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interesting, and a bit sad,, but please work on that spelling!

hi guys pls read my article why cant it be the 1st part,,and i am open for your suggestions to improve my writing skills thank you!!!<br />
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