He Just Keeps Making Me Fall Deeper...

Oh my god, he's so sweet... just listen to this.
"Raiser, To rise , to fall. Love in tunnels underground, protected from prying eyes.Societal Tramplings upon Couples unfit. NEver will happen, defend iI must, For my love i will live. Your sorrow born upon my shoulders, Gladly i will carry your burdens, Happily I will protect your thoughts, YOur virtues are my to behold. A pedestal of love under relentless speculation, Break free of normality to salvage hope, Destroy the hater who spits in my heart of gold. I will hold my love, Forever. So bring forth the mead of joy to share with mo chuisle."
'Mo chuisle' means my pulse. :) He's so sweet.
WolfWithoutHerMoon WolfWithoutHerMoon
13-15, F
1 Response Mar 30, 2012

To bad he doesnt know I am gonna lie to him ....cheat on him them dump him ......to funny to fricken funny