Just For You Darlin

J ust knowing that he's there is enough to make my stomach quiver... seeing, speaking, knowing he's around... it all touches my heart and yet I can't express it... where are my words? Stumbling around like a love struck teen. 

With me as long as there is an intellectual attraction I am satisfied, and that's how it all started. I fell in love with his mind, his words, his inner self and then, when I saw the package that held it all together, well then things were complete.  *heavy sigh*

Guess only time will tell... shouldn't be in a rush but with each piece of the puzzle you complete you just want to work harder and faster until you've found each and every piece. It's nice to see the beautiful picture in the end.

I'm in aawww of him... Is it perfect? Nothing ever is... we have our moments, as all couples do, but we make up so well it's almost an incentive to throw a little "wrench" into the mix just because. Silly? I agree... but it works well for me.

Our day will come, just wait and see. Nothing but miles holding us back now, plans all coming together and we couldn't be happier.

It's when you stop looking, that love finds you... and I'm so glad he found me.

Love ya MnM!

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5 Responses May 16, 2008

*giggle* I so love you silly man!

Lovely tribute from the Beautiful lady who haunts my dreams and makes me hunger so..... And brings the sunshine into my heart as well.<br />
Love ya !<br />

Happy for you.... xox

We both thank you all... I'm just giddy at this point :) Having a future to talk about and all. Tonight I looked at jobs in his area in case a transfer isn't available and my son just loves talking aligators to him :) It's just a grand feeling!

.and we so love you baby girl... he's on the phone now (as always) and sends smooches to you and Bailey