Love Conquers All!

On my birthday off all days a whole lot of crap went down :( and the end reslut was myself and my partners best friend were keeping secrets from the love of my life... it sucked i felf like total dirt. keeping secrets from the man of my dreams was totaly rediculous.. he asked me to come clean so i did.. and that was it he was totaly cool about it, all he wanted was the truth! the relationship between myself and his best friend is probally ruined forever but me and my babe are stronger and more in love than ever. no matter what i know all that matters is our love and being one, trusting each other completely and always being honest. together we can bring down the world... i am so freaking glad i got out of the house and went to the pub that night.
MoxieDiamond MoxieDiamond
18-21, F
May 17, 2012