Our Little Love Story.

My name is Juliet and I am 14 years old. I love a boy named Jamie, who I met over a year ago. In early April, 2011, I went down to my cousin Evan's house. Jamie lived in this neighborhood as well, and was friends with Evan and this girl I highly dislike (which I'm not getting into). They hung out all the time, and they'd stay out late and spy on people. The night I came over, the first thing I did was experience what they did. I "spied" on people. I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing. I was really just following them around. The first thing I noticed about the group, was Jamie. I thought he looked like "my type". I had just broken up with a non-serious boyfriend recently, and I thought I might have liked Jamie.

I didn't talk to him much, and he didn't talk to me either. Too shy I guess. A little further into the night, we hid behind this cement platform, where there was some sharp thing sticking out of the ground. What do you know? I got stabbed in the leg by it when we crouched down. At first I didn't notice, and later realized I was bleeding all down my leg. The group walked me down to my house, and I didn't see them again for the rest of the night. I didn't think I would see them ever again, for I didn't come to my cousin's house often anyhow. But I did. Next month, in early May. I came down and they were in the empty church parking lot that was across from the neighborhood, just hanging out. No spying. Jamie saw me and the first thing he said was "Hey it's Juliet!". He seemed so excited to see me, which of course made me happy inside. That night, we all slept over at my cousin Evan's house. We watched scary videos and freaked ourselves out. We all ended up snuggling on the couch together. It was so amazing.

Soon enough, I actually moved into this neighborhood, and in the Summer too. We hung out every single day. However, I never thought Jamie could ever like me back. He never acted like it. Slowly, over this Summer though, we became best friends. However, we all know very well that it's not the easiest thing for boys and girls to remain best friends (especially when single). Nearing the end of Summer, Jamie finally asked me out. Obviously, I said yes.

I honestly didn’t think we’d last very long. I thought it’d be one of those silly teenager relationships. It turned out we went through, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas together. Then tragedy struck. His mother passed away on Christmas day 2011. I wasn’t around him when he heard about it, for I was at my grandma’s house having a family dinner in celebration of the holidays. He called me and told me, and I immediately starting crying, both for the remorse for his mother, and for my worry about him and how he’d cope. I wanted to do my best to reassure him, but reassuring this was impossible. I just brought him a cupcake, and hoped for the best. Oddly, he didn’t act upset later that night when I saw him at all. I don’t think it settled in his mind yet. It was the first real obstacle in our relationship. I hate to say it, but our relationship got better after this. He realized what he had and what to be thankful for from it.

Things got better, still. We saw each other every weekend because of school. We went to different schools. I had trust issues for a long long time. I always worried what he was doing when I wasn’t there. Was he flirting with girls? Were they flirting with him? I was selfish, I was over-protective, I was mean, I was whiny, I only cared about what was best for myself. He dealt with me through it. He managed me and my high maintenance self. Which was very impressive.

I always expected him to be something he’s not; the perfect boyfriend. He never was, but that’s okay now. I was never the perfect girlfriend! Like, ever. We eventually got to our 1 year anniversary. It was so shocking. How did I, Juliet, last this long? And it hit me. I must really be in love with this boy. My high maintenance slowly became lower. Things got better.

We got into this huge 2 weeks full of just arguing and more arguing. About stupid things. It felt like our relationship almost came to an end. I wasn’t going to break up with him, but I thought he was going to break up with me. Until he cried. Yes, he cried. I felt so guilty for it. He thought we were actually going to break up. He told me he couldn’t ever lose me. I asked why. I knew I made his life horrible. He said because he loved me and he’s gotten too close to me to let that get in the way. It was heartwarming, it really was. But I still didn’t get nicer.

A short while later, about a 4 days ago, he and I were having this talk. No arguing, really. Just talking about what bothers us in the relationship and what we CAN handle. First he for the first time told me how he would never ever flirt with another girl, and sounded like he MEANT IT. I believed him this time. He told me that he can handle me being so rude to him. He also told me I used to be nicer. So, I finally let those words touch me. I took them in. First, I was stunned because I was offended that he was calling me mean, when in all reality I already knew the truth. I cried about it. Then I realized, “Wow, I really am a horrible person.”. I got up and I hugged him and told him I loved him (probably 100 times) jumping up and down. I told him I loved his eyes, his hair, his chin, his cheeks, his legs, his ears, his nose, his mouth, and pretty much everything else all specifically stated. I told him I love him the way he is. Period. I said I don’t want him to change. He was SO happy when I said those things. His happiness was like a unicorn. It didn’t exist. All of a sudden it showed up! He hugged me really tight and picked me up and swung me around. He was the happiest I’d ever seen him since I first met him. I felt amazing about it. I made him this happy. He said if I kept this up, we’d probably never ever argue. Plus, his feedback was AWESOME.

So, I told myself I’m going to continue doing this. If I can make my boyfriend that happy just by being happy, I’ll do it. It felt good to be that happy, as I hadn’t been happy in a while either. I didn’t know I was the key to happiness. But now I do. I realize I am happy. I realize I love Jamie. I realize he loves me.

I get more and more fascinated by him every day. I just see his face and want to give him a huge hug. I love him so much. I truly do. I know most people think love at this age is very insignificant. I can tell them all though, that Jamie and I are definitely NOT insignificant. I have a feeling that we’re going to be together for the rest of our lives. A very strong one. I don’t just fantasize about it. We fantasize together. I live it like it is. I am now going to pour him a drink or throw something in the trash when he asks me to, instead of making him do it for me all the time. I trust him now, when we go to different schools. During the day, I don’t think about if he’s flirting anymore. I just think about him in general. I told him just think as if I was there next to him, before he does/says anything that gives a girl a wrong idea (he’s a very attractive guy). I realize how selfish I was and I am no longer that person anymore. I really have to try, because I really love him. I am in love with Jamie. We’ll get through anything and everything. I really do believe in us.
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wow really great story so you guys are pretty much romeo and juliet

Thank you. I hope all goes well for you. :)


OMG Juliet I almost started crying while reading this!


I miss youuuuu :(

haha I miss you too..

You're an awesome friend, Jules ❤

thanks. c: you too.

❤ Are you, like, busy with school?

Sort of, yeah.

Lemme guess.... 8th grade?


Heh.. I was 14 too in my freshman year.

Cool. :)

Doyou ever need help with your homework or something?

no I'm good in school.

Just lemme know if you do. I'm in my 3rd year of high school. :p


Ooh, is that what you look like now?

Yeah. glasses aren't real though.

I can see that :3 You look cute! ^_^

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