I Love Him But..

so, the story began when we met in summer 2012. he was the cashier, i felt something weird when i saw him, he was handsome and he gave me a look that made me fall for him. oh i miss that moment. i don't know if it's love from the first sight, or it was just a crush. i read his name on the tag, and then when i came back to the hotel i googled his name. so i knew he was russian. i came back to the store after couple of days. he smiled when he saw me, he asked me if it's ok to take his blackberry pin, so i took his pin. and i'm still chatting with him until this very moment. we're different, i'm saudi, he's russian. i'm muslim, he's christian. i love him. i miss him. but he's in Dubai, and i'm in Riyadh. he told me he loves me and that he misses me. he asked me to run away with him. i've been thinking about running away for a month now, i couldn't decide yet. if i ran, i will lose everything in my life. i'm afraid that we might break up in the future. i want to run away because i wanna travel the world with him, i don't want to be stuck in saudi arabia and work in a boring place with boring people. i want to experience everything in life. i need to be crazy but i'm coward.
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

dont run away just go for a vist ..or are you living in a country where women are not able to vist out side thier own culture to experience things

i can't visit. i live in a country where women can't travel alone unless a male guardian approves it. and my father won't allow me to travel alone.

thats sooooo sad : (

just go for a lil while ... try it out ... if you go can you go back to where you left from ?

if i ran away, i will never go back.