Kisses Contain..

Here's what a kiss contains:
Love letters written on the back
Of your bedroom window blinds,
So you'll see them when you go to sleep.
A bottle full of stolen breaths,
Caught in my throat by the net of your grin.
Names I'll whisper to you:
My lover, my sweet
My gentle Chase Clark.
Coffee stains in a notebook of poems
Written first in my head,
Then on your skin,
And at last on paper,
Preserved only because your flesh won't hold them.

Here's what a kiss contains:
A little bit of madness
The kind that makes me want
Wings drawn in ballpoint on my back
Because with you and a bit of artistry,
I think I could fly
Or at least glide, for a little while.
Five thousand fireflies.
Two starlings fluttering in the dark.
You, me, a plus sign and a question mark,
Because you can't cage this in arithmetic.
Because when I solve our equation,
I want to keep the answer for myself,
Bound to my wrist with a bracelet
Braided from your hair,
And sealed with a small brass lock.

Here's what a kiss contains:
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Two hearts, beating in unison,
In the quiet of the dark
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Jan 14, 2013