Is It A Date?

so we're just friends still, nothing's happened, I'm still in love with him but neither of us has made a move, until today. I was over at his house, just hanging out and he was telling me how he is going to sound wave and Linkin park and I asked how much the tickets were. they were only $108 so cheap!! he asks me to go with him and obviously I said yes!! so he asked his mate if there were any free tickets and e areanged them for me, and now we're going together!! its pretty soon too & I don't know if he see's it as a date, but I kinda do! it only the two of us going to see a band that we both are obsessed with! i dot know what im more wxcited about, the gig or the fact that im going with him :3 I think it might be a date.... is it?
hopelessinlove22 hopelessinlove22
18-21, F
Feb 7, 2013