How I Wish Things Were... :(

His breath warm on the back of my neck, his arms around me tight, his heart beating steadily. My head softly rests on his chest and moves gently in time with his every breath. My eyes are closed and I wish this moment could last forever. There was nothing and no one else but us at that moment, we cuddled on the sofa; away from prying eyes and oblivious to the outside world. We had everything we needed, right there, in each others arms. It was all I had ever wanted for as long as I could remember. Looking up at him, his rich brown eyes gazed into mine. The corners of his mouth were slightly upturned, to give me a warm smile that melted my heart. His short, black hair was perfect and handsome. There is something about a man's arms that is attractive, his were big and muscley. He was strong and masculine. I'd always known, from the moment I saw him, that he was the one. I didn't care about the age difference or what people would think or say. He is perfect and I love him. Just the way he is.

Before this evening things had not been so perfect. We only ever saw each other very rarely, on occasion I would see him around as I went to class. Sometimes I would go to the gym to see him, whenever I could. I'd always wanted things between us to be more than just conversations online and occasional hello's as we walk past each other. This man meant much more to me than that, every part of my body made that very clear every time I saw him. When he'd smile at me and say 'hello' I just turned to jelly. I'd shake uncontrollably and struggle to make even a noise in reply. I'd have severe butterflies in my stomach and my heart beat would become loud and rapid. He is perfect and I love him. Just the way he is.
anon1066 anon1066
18-21, F
Jun 27, 2013