Our Love Carries Me Through Until the Next Time

I waited weeks before being able to hold him in my arms and make him realize what he meant to me. And finally....it happened.

He looked great and better than I ever imagined. I knew I loved him before meeting him face to face...but now that I have him in real life, it is unbelievable how we are together.

He made me feel beautiful, loved, cared for and cherished. All within the first 5 minutes. Loving him from afar was hard in the beginning. We made it through and now have the real life to draw even more love from. With loving him now in real life it does feel different here when we talk. But I have cherished photos and videos to carry me through to the next time he is in my arms.

I love you Eric so much.

MegJgeM MegJgeM
36-40, F
7 Responses Dec 18, 2008

I miss you. I love you want my baby back in my arms.

I learned that lesson this time around....why don't relationships come with instructions dammit!!

Eric should follow your lead... He'll be okay if he does. :)

The same goes for me to baby......take everyday as a gift and dont go to bed angry? How about that?

Make sure he does not screw it up.

I am a lucky girl to have him love me like he does. It is an amazing to have and I plan on cherishing him the rest of my life.............

I think he might just feel the same way. This Eric fellow is one lucky fool...