Okay, so this is about what my babe does, as for the little things. He has done many cute, sweet, spontaneous things for me. Like making dinner, buying roses/flowers, and writing cards when I least expect it. He makes me smile and blush, constantly.
And I Love HIm, in almost every which way possible.

Anyways, it's our anniversary for how long we've been dating. And I've already got some gifts for him. But, I was thinking about the card... you see, he's written beautiful innocent letters, from his heart to me. That I would like to do so this time, and the next. But instead of in English lettering. I was thinking Italian... See, he's an old fashion I'm-From-The-Places-Tourist-Has-Yet-To-Touch-Or-See, type of Italian. And I want to write a letter in his language. (Even though I have no idea, how to spell it) I thought I could use the trusty search engine, also know as Google. To help me out...

You know, since hand written letters from the heart is slowly becoming unknown to this generation. I want to do it, for him. You think it's a good idea, or no?
MyEternalDesires MyEternalDesires
26-30, F
Aug 15, 2014