My Life

I am a woman of 24 years old. My husband is in the military. He made the choice of going to military after finding out that I was pregnant with his son. I was having mixed fillings about him going because I was having bad dreams, so he decided to hold off for a while. He has always told me that it is his duty to protect and serve for this country, because there are men over sea's fighting for his family, friends, love one's, and me. Five months into my pregnancy I was in a car accident, and that following day i was rush to the hospital facing a miscarriage. I laid in my hospital bed wondering if they where going to be able to save our child. The next morning i gave birth to our first child whom did not make it. That was the hardest thing I thought him and I could ever face. Five months later I went to the doctor to find that we where expecting once again. It was the happiest day of our lives, and my husband felt it was only right to in-list into the military to support our family to be. Four months of him being in basic training he got the worst call from my doctor that was just heart braking. Five months again into the pregnancy, I gave birth to our baby girl who also didn't make it. My husband was rushed home instantly to be by my side. My husband has always said that he wants a big family, and with us loosing a child for the second time. I was for sure that he wouldn't want to be with me any more. but he looked me in my eyes and said that we can always adopt a child. This man "my husband" has went that extra mile to show me how much he loves me through no matter what. And this is his first time deploying and I am going to be by his side through what ever may come, because his been there for me through everything possible. And that why I love him.
nuni nuni
31-35, F
Oct 22, 2007