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Lupe Fiasco - Intruder Alert
She said, there was no love in her heart
'Cause one day, a rapist attacked her and broke that all apart
She said there was no way to fix it or to cover her scars
Then one day a guy came along that probably could help her start
He was sincere made her believe it was safe, For her to trust again
Before long, she was cool with givin' hugs to him
Knew that it was right, 'cause somethin' was wrong
The alarms in her mind didn't tell her he didn't belong
There was no...

Intruder, Intruder
Intruder, Intruder
Alert, Alert
Alert, Alert

He said, nobody else ever loved him
That's why, he get high enough to go touch the heavens above him
Vividly remembers every pipe, every needle that stuck him
Every alley he ever slept in, every purse that he snuck in
Every level of hell he's been to, and the one that he's stuck in
No wonder he can't escape, even though it's of his own construction
Maybe you can relate, Maybe you just one of those that just doesn't
Maybe he doesn't care, loves to allow these demons to come in
With no...

Intruder, Intruder 
Intruder, Intruder 
Alert, Alert 
Alert, Alert 

Famine strikin' his home-land and no social standin'
And the economic peckin' order emergency relief distribution systems is in disorder
He's checkin' water, makin' sure it's safe enough for his daughter
To float across in the boat he built
Hopefully strong enough to support her
Prayin' border patrols don't catch her ***
Process and deport her
Before she reach the shore, of the land of the free
Where they feed you, treat you like equals
Deceive you, stamp you and call you illegal
And there's an...

Intruder, Intruder 
Intruder, Intruder 
Alert, Alert 
Alert, Alert 

There's someone here, and it's not me
How could this be?
I locked my doors
Carried more armies on my shore
They pulled my rockets and my sky
I'm so fortified I built my wall so high
So why oh why are there...


You can't tell me hip hop doesn't hold it's weight among the music genres.  After knowing songs like this exists (and there are many more that are just as or more intelligent and meaningful), It's one thing to not be a fan of hip hop but it is ignorant to go so far as to say it isn't music because you think it's all about money, cars and men degrading women.
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2 Responses Nov 18, 2010

Lupe Fiasco is one of the best hip-hop artists out there. He channels his political ideologies, knowledge and real life experiences into beautiful music. He is the definition of good hip-hop and talent. Love this song and "The Cool" album is probably one of the greatest albums of all time.

I'm glad you posted this because there are so many people that simply don't care for hip hop (which is ok because I simply don't care for country music!) and they use this BS reason saying that hip hop is mainly about violence, money, cars, etc. Sure there are songs like that in hip hop, BUT hip hop isn't all about that. As a matter of fact, I don't think hip hop even began like that.