I Love Hip Hop

I love rap and hip - hop. It's been apart of my life since as long as I can remember. My first experience was the drop of the Marshall Mathers LP. I instantly fell in love with Eminem and the musical style. Now in retrospect I was much too young to listen to Eminem but I wasn't easily influenced. Ignorant people or idiots simply can't like rap and hip hop, you must be able to deduce the difference between an exaggeration and truth. That is the dilemma, too many ignorant people and kids listen to rap thinking the rappers are serious. For instance Eminem is a great example, his albums have been boy cotted for his lyrical content. The claims being it was misogynist, homophobic and "evil". No one realizes he isn't serious. Many rappers are in the same boat. The reason I fell in love Hip Hop was the lyrical freedom and the rapid fire poetry. I also ADORE words. Rap is a music genre specifically designed to stress the lyrics. Rap instantly became a outlet I relied on. You can literally write on whatever subject you please, the worst they can do is not release the album. I absolutely DETEST when rap is labeled as "crap" or garbage,trash. "That's not even music." People are so closed minded ignorant and biased. Idiocy is prevalent and ignorance is ubiquitous, judgment is omnipresent. It's very bothersome to me. Now rap is not for everyone, especially the easily offended. There's three sides to rap. There's the classic foundation, there's the club bangers and then there's the true poets. People just look at one side the club bangers and judge that way. There's a big difference between Pac and Lil John.No one is willing to give rap a chance. I love rap, I especially love the complex technical side, there is a rhyme interlaced with another rhyme interlaced with a hidden message all while corresponding to the instrumental and using various literary devices. That is rap. Rap isn't all "*****,nigga,hoe,****,rims,money and thug life". Rap is introspective, it is brilliant and it is very difficult. It's very difficult it's similar to comedy in the sense it's very important to have a great punchline. You can't simply record anything or else it turns out like "Pink Friday" or "The Carter III". Two atrocious abysmal albums that disgrace hip-hop. I ******* love Weezy but that album was appalling. Nicki Minaj infuriates me ,she's ruing hip hop. I've listened to every ******* line of hers,none of it is well thought out, well articulated, verbally manipulated nor does any of it have a message. It's club music to make a profit. I love rap but I'm tired of defending it. I will always love rap, I simply don't care what age I'll be. Rap is simply amazing. I will always love it and I'm indescribably thankful for it. Despite the profanity, despite the derogatory language or the antiestablishmentarianism it is still poetry.
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Unsure I agree with everything you wrote but i like hip-hop too and its definitely misunderstood.