Females In Hip Hop

Or rather, females talking about hip hop.  There aren't enough.  There are certainly women who understand the hip hop culture, so why is there such a small amount of females talking about it?  Hip hop is such a one-gender-sided conversation.  When you hear people talking about hip hop, even when you engage in the conversation yourself - it's usually all males talking to other males.  How many of you male hip hop fans out there have had a real conversation about the music and/or the rest of the culture with a female?  

Even the music.  Listen to a hip hop track and tell me that's NOT a dude talking to another dude.  Females need better representation in hip hop.  I find it hard to believe that as good with words females are, that there is not one female MC these days who can get on a beat, spit fire, then get it on the radio and be "mainstream popular" but still doesn't compromise their lyricism.  If the men can do it, so can females.  Nicki Minaj does not make the cut.  We need someone who doesn't rely on a*s and t*tties to get a fanbase and that "Barbie" business she has going on is just plain dumb.  We need someone like Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte and Rah Digga (although she is making her comeback in April…and that is dope.  Can't wait for her album to drop).    

EDIT:  I want Lauryn Hill to make a comeback :)

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6 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Try lady luck out she used to go hard from memory

Agreed! Even in hip hop dance....I'm so sick of watching America's Best Dance Crew and seeing most of the females just shake their a*s on stage lol

Yeah I agree completely. Also we need more female producers too!

I'm not a big fan of Nikki Minaj. She sexes it up too much and the Barbie thing she started also does not help how females are looked upon in hip hop. And YES Salt & Pepa and Queen Latifah were hot! They still are, actually. In hip hop these days, females are subject to degrading lyrics, and too many who are in the game sex it up way too much. I think it's due in part to the over-masculinity of hip hop in general...which is totally wrong. If hip hop can cross cultures then it should be able to cross genders.

Hip Hop is great! MC Lyte is still doing her thing, if you have twitter follo w her there. Do you like Nikki Minaj she is good. With Remy Ma still behind bars that one you have to wait on. Lil Kim is still doing her thing also. There are a lot of underground female hip hop artists but they are still trying to come up. I miss Salt & Pepa and Queen Latifah when they were hot. It's really hard for females but those in it are still on the grind.

Thanks. Yes, hip hop is very cool :-) I'm good, how are you?