T.i.'s Back!

And with a beat like this, it seems like he never left lol



Tummie Tummie
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8 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Oh yeah. I'm looking forward to his next album

ohh ok lol. This song is nice! Definitely has a nice beat

Okay. Got it :)

Crap! They changed the song!!!!! I didn't notice that! The song "I'm Back" is new but the poster of that video changed it from that to "Stomp"

It is!? I thought it was new!? Oh nooooo! *buries face out of embarrassment*

This song is, as they say it, cold. lol. I think it came out sometime in 2007. And you're right Tummie, the south definitely is part of hip hop :)

That's your taste in hip-hop. One of the good things about hip hop is it's diversity. I'm not a Soulja Boy fan at all, but he's a part of hip hop like everyone else and like radio stations I don't listen to, I just don't tune to his music : As far as TI goes, he IS a part of hip hop. The southside IS a part of hip-hop.

T.I. is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!! to my knowledge no one from the south is hip hop either. everyones music sounds the same and is about the same things over and over and over and over and over and over again. King of the South? OUTKAST the only guys with talent down there