A Thing For Hispanic Men

I had an interest in learning Spanish for practical reasons. There are a lot of Spanish speaking people where I live and so the customers I ring as a cashier are often Spanish. Many of them speak English poorly or don't seem to speak any English, so I figured it would be fun/cool/handy to pick up Spanish. I remember one night thinking to myself that if I had a sexual fetish for Spanish speaking men I would be that much more into the language. Little did I know that eventually that'd actually happen. At one point, I thought it might be happening. Gradually the feeling became stronger and at this point I can no longer doubt that I have a "thing" for Hispanic men.

The "conflict" here is that I'm married to a white man. Our sex life is just plain bad though and I often feel like I have a void in life because of it. Maybe I subconsciously became attracted to Hispanic men because the 2 (yes, only 2 in my whole life) white men I've been with were never much into (or good at) sex. A few stereotypes about Hispanic men is that they particularly like sex and that they're passionate in bed. Or maybe it happened due to getting attention from Hispanic customers that I wasn't getting from hubby. I don't know what caused it, but it's a part of me now. I'm attracted to Hispanic men on a daily basis, often hoping one of the particularly attractive Hispanic customers will come in. Sometimes we flirt a bit, but usually they do more than I. I love the flirting honestly, but I'm shy and often guilt-ridden about being married and flirting. I very rarely (if ever, anymore) see a white man that I'm attracted to.

My husband doesn't know about this and I don't want him to. Very few people know this about me (actually only 1 that is no longer involved in my life [ex boss]). I'm afraid of what people would think, since I'm married to a white man and also don't wanna be seen as "racist" or anything (which I know is not true, but still). The two people I'm around most are my husband and my dad. Can't tell hubby for obvious reasons and my dad is racist and I don't wanna hear his stupid comments. I know he'll make stupid comments 'cause he did when I was only into black men years ago. I seem to go through phases with attraction to men. I don't like to think I do, but I do.

I've been into only black men for a period of time, only older guys (meaning older than me, like 30-40), only men with long hair (shoulder length or longer), and now only Hispanic men. Practically only, I mean. An exception is VERY rare. Sometimes the "fetishes" have over-lapped (ie- attraction to a long-haired fellow in his mid thirties, attraction to a black man in his mid 30s). The attraction to black men started at age 13 when I happened to be attracted to one black fellow and we eventually messed around. After the messing around, I gradually became attracted to only black men - for 3 years. The older man thing started from an attraction to a teacher (the aforementioned black man in his mid thirties). The long hair thing started when I developed an interest in "Hair Metal" (which begun from liking Guns N' Roses, which begun from seeing a Behind the Scenes special on them when I watched VH1 all the time). The Hispanic thing is making me believe my thing for long hair has finally ended. I don't know why my attractions run in phases like this. Is it weird? Has it been this way for anyone else here?

I wonder how long I'll be attracted to practically only Hispanic men. I love the dark skin, full lips, big dark sexy eyes, accents. I even find an inability to properly speak English to be cute. How exciting it would be to have phone sex with a Hispanic man. It could be very awkward though, since I only know a LITTLE Spanish. I often look on a certain **** site (which has user-submitted amateur **** from all over the world) for clips from Latin American countries. Then I can sometimes hear them moaning and talking dirty in Spanish. *drool*

I think I've given enough detail now, no?

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This is why you don't get married so early. I'm a Hispanic guy, and I couldn't imagine not being able to have had the fun with white girls (white girls love me!) if I thought that just had to marry a hispanic girl and pump out kids at a young age.

I don't want to sound condemming but I was also in the same shoes when I was your age. I am much older now and a single mom. While that experiment and attraction is exciting it's also very consequential. Wether you married at the church or not, you and your husband made a covenant with God. The thoughts and that you are having about knowing and having them, the fun in bed and all of that, please do not make bad choices because down the road will consequences ,We tend to feel invincible when we are young, like nothing can hurt us. Not yet at least, God will not condedlemn nor I but the devil will so be careful, ask God to forgive you and pray that you are to be delivered from those thoughts and feelings because only Him can get rid of those things that your having, temptation. Include God in your life and marriage, He can help you with your marriage too. GOD created the bond between man and woman and everything that makes the bond. Pray for your Dad too, Seek God and you will have all your answers to your questions, don't limit Him. GOD BLESS.

Umm....you're a FREAK, but you are a super freak :D

I Live in the South (Louisiana) and even though I'm a country girl at heart. I have a thing for hispanic men <3 usually they approach me and sometimes i blush red because im so infatuated with their confidence and latino suave

Hi kortney message me im a latino who loves white girls

I am currently with a Hispanic but was previously married to one I have a daughter she is very beautiful I have thing for Hispanic men I find the attractive

Wow, I love all the comments here about Hispanic men being great lovers, and I agree! So do a lot of my white girlfriends. I like hot Mexican guys! < 3 I like the papis. ;)

Hmm I think the reason why you are so attracted to Hispanic men is because of what they represent to you. They are famous for their skill in the bedroom, their passion, which translates into everything they do, including taking care of and appreciating, loving and pleasing the woman they are with. It is ingrained in their cultures.
So for you, after being with men who don't pay attention to you in the bedroom and don't see sex as important way to express how they feel to a woman, you want a Hispanic guy who means the exact opposite. You have come to associate them with the passion and care that is lacking in your life. I don't think you need a new husband yet, he just needs to become aware of this need you have and learn how to be able to fill it. Maybe watch some romantic movies, maybe watch some Telenovelas, go somewhere unusual together, I don't know. This is just my humble opinion after reading! I love them too. My boyfriend is Puerto Rican. :)

It's so true about their bedroom skills and passion!

I am Hispanic and I do love white women, I've dated all races and the chemistry with white women has always been on a different level, I'm currently single so if any of you are interested let me know! My email is jonathannarvaez at g mail

My parents wouldn't approve but I love Hispanic men. I love their dark brown eyes, their sexy accents, and most of all they are passionate lovers.
I'm so glad I live in a city where there is Latino men everywhere!

Yeah, my parents probably wouldn't either, but I still have secret flings with Mexican men.

I'm a latin gent and i would love to meet you, tell me where and when, can you provide a way for me to get in touch with you

Hey I'm in the same position
As you are
I'm Hispanic

I'm in the same position
I'm Hispanic man
In a relationship with a Hispanic woman
However I can't stop thinking about white American woman

I have a boyfriend that is from El Salvador and he is everything and more. From his accent to the way he shows me off to the world. We are having a baby soon and I will say this is the best relationship I ever had. (Btw I am of African American decent) . :)

Yuck Im mexican and will never date white girl like you after you dated a ******

I can teach you Spanish if you want... I want a sex fantasy with a white girl...

hispanic peiople are gods version of dirty laundry

Que rico!

Been married to a hot Latina for over thirty years, our kids are gorgeous, smart, and sweet - an excellent mix of our best individual traits. Perhaps you're being impetuous or perhaps you need to investigate more deeply; only time will tell.

I'm 50...and am finally finally to myself what you are at least admitting at a young age. Too bad we are both married....and to white men!! Breathe on;-);-)

Cosmo mag. Even agrees to hispanic men giving steamy pleasure & researched most to be clean & big most of them appear to be great lovers yet cheaters too. Props to their large penises.

I too have a thing for Latin American men. Big time! Not so much actual Spanish, from Spain. I really really like the south Americans. If you live in Australia, on the gold coast, please send me a message!

I'm irish, my husband is Mexican , he is hot, and our daughter is adorable, the sex is very hot.

I wish more women were like you. I have always had a thing for pale looking women and blond hair, but they never seemed interested in me.
Please add!

I grew up in northern Maine where Hispanics are far and few between. Wish I had learned Spanish rather than French in high school. I went to Cali when I was 28 and I had never heard of a "wet back " before. Ended up dancing with this Rico suave gentlemen...then I was hooked. For the next three months while I was there I never felt so beautiful around Jorge. He had a zest for life... Hard worker...and didn't take anything for granted!

I can be your Hispanic friend . I could also teach you Spanish. Hope hearing back from you Missy

I totally understand your attraction for hispanic men. I'm a black woman who's dating an hispanic man for the first time. I have 2 be honest the sex is everything it's rumored to be. Though i don't believe that this is a phase for me. I have always been attracted to men of all nationalities LOVE knows no color. Maybe your just not happy with your husband and should consider making some changes. If your only 21 maybe you should think about taking some time for yourself. I'm 37 and my boyfriend is 47 years old and treats me like a queen. I'm so hooked right now i don't even think about other men. If your not getting that feeling in your marriage you should strongly consider ending things. I wouldnt advise opening that door until you've closed the other one. Please think about it before anyone get's hurt.

I don't know if you still have these strong feelings/attraction to Latino men, since it's been a few years. But I went through the same attraction to Latino men. It started when I took a trip to Mexico when I was in high school. I was attracted to same things - beautiful brown eyes & skin, full lips and the sexy accent.
I also worked as a cashier in a store with a lot of Hispanic customers, but I was single. After a few months of working there, a very attractive Latino guy came in, seriously, he was everything that I desired. I'm not really tall, but a little taller than most women (5'9") and this guy was taller than me, which is rare in Latino men. But anyway, he was flirting with me, but he was also a little shy. He gave his number and the rest is history ..we've been married now for 6 years and we have 3 beautiful children together.
Even though I'm happily married to the man of my dreams, I still kind of have a thing for Latino men. Every time I catch myself looking at other Latino men, I get really mad at myself. I mean, my husband is so sexy...he never works out, but he has a very physical job and he gets a good work out every day, so needless to say, he has a really nice body. He is also a very passionate lover and I absolutely love that. So I seriously wonder what's wrong with me? I mean, it has gotten better. I have noticed that I don't have such a wondering eye now, but seriously I shouldn't have to look at other Latino men since I'm already married to a Latino. But you're not alone ...I know many women who find Hispanic men attractive and exotic.

Check out my pics. Let me know what you think.

Have your desires/conflicts resolved?

i been speaking to a spanish guy for two months now and we went on our first date he treated me like a lady wouldn let me pay for anything we spent a good few hours chatting and laughing we then went to watch a film at pictures it was perfect but at end of date i hoped for a snog and all i got was kisses on each cheek so left me confused to weatha he fancys me or sees me as a friend now even though i made it clear i fancy him as he wanted to know what i thought of him haha but we are arranging a second date and he does message me everyday sometimes just a couple texts other times a few more and he even facebooked me everyday when went to poland with his friends but its just the kisses on the cheeks tht has me confused why couldnt he give me a passionate kiss anyone help who is spanish or knows spanish culture ?

Im mexican and the reason he.kissed you like that because hes showing you he has respect for you he doesnt want to pressure you ...i know because i would. Do the same thing respect is very important to us !!

Guys kiss cheek girls mean like u are just my friend and just say hiii... just take your and kiss your cheek is mexican culture

Ya know...I love hispanics. They are so loving and family oriented; excellent providers, supporters. They have the best food, dance, etc... They can be sweet and romantic in bed. Their big on respect. I am forever ruined by hispanic men. My X husband is from Puerto Rico and my boyfriend is from Honduras.

I get the feeling that you are in a marriage you don't want to be in because you are trying to make others happy (ie your dad, and your husband), and that you are still trying to figure out what makes you happy. I am not judging when I say this, but I think that before anything you should make sure that you are happy. Otherwise you will end up making yourself unhappy and your partner unhappy.<br />
<br />
Being latino myself, I am flattered by the fact that you find my people attractive. Since I was born in the US, I don't really have an accent... But here is a song I think you might enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebPcgaWpGzI

I would like meet you ! ;) I'm from Perú but I live in Madrid. Si usted quiere podemos hablar por camara web señorita! (If you want we can talk on the webcam)! Kisses!

Where do you work so I can stop by and flirt with you!

Speaking as a Mexican Irishman, STAY WITH YOUR HUSBAND OR TELL HIM. I say this cause most Latin men I know, (esp myself) like SINGLE WOMEN, not married ones (its a Catholic thing). <br />
<br />
The reason your telling people here is rather simple, you need to vent, which is totally cool but at the same time what kind of respect are you giving to your husband? I will not speak for every Latino but I will speak for a Good Amount of us and say that you are better off being honest. Now if you got married too young than of course you may be feeling you some how missed something, totally natural. Honesty is key, but you can not put it all on him.<br />
<br />
You have admitted your erotic tastes, (funny as a Mexican, I never knew we could be shuffled into a sex fetish but oh well) that was the first step in being open and honest with your man, Now all you need to do is let him know.

I will never go back to a white man...EVER!!!! I started falling for the hispanics at 17 working in a restaurant. There of course are many in that setting. I was with a white man for 10 years. From ages 13-24. I actually ended up leaving him for my HISPANIC HUBBY and we have been married over a year now.. Not only is the sex so much better but they make responsible and hardworking men. We also have a 5 month old daughter and the mix in our races is so beautiful. I love me some hispanic men.. LOL

Yes I agree, they are better lovers than white men, and a lot of my white girlfriends agree as well.

like smoothchino said!!.....but Im from Honduras =)

i'm going through the same thing! if only our husbands took care of us we wouldn't have to go through this

i'm going through the same thing! if only our husbands took care of us we wouldn't have to go through this

i have been married 3 times..first time to a greek....2 cajuns....i met a hispanic man last year...i will never go back to a different man....he is exciting , sexy, and an amazing lover.....we are very attracted to each other......he is from central america... he is not toally fluent in english, but we totally understand each other.... i am also 24 years older than him....i do not look older..no one believes me when i tell them how old i am........ole'

I'am half spanish and half latino but i can't complain. I'am your standard 5'6'', light tan, hazel eyes guy but I love white women with short hair, (it drives me wild, i don't know why i guess everyones taste is different) but your stereotype of us on how were passionate lovers comes rooted from a strong family structure and social class difference with in our society. i notice the difference since i was raised in two different house holds, one was the hispanic culture and the second family was half german and dutch Culture (both are family) but like my favorite poet once said<br />
<br />
"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.<br />
Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.<br />
And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy;<br />
And you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields...<br />
Much of your pain is self-chosen..."

Heyyy, well I have to say I think the number one problem here, and im NOT trying to be rude -is you husband...he aint puttin it down in the bedroom so to speak, if he was youd be satisfied, and probably still think the hispanic guys were "cute" but maybe you wouldnt be going crazy for them. Im a female, and Ive heard this complaint many times...that white men arent good in bed-now everyones gonna be mad HEY LOOK im just saying what Ive heard white women saying to me-I think its amazing first of all that you went from likeing black men to liking white men...that is somthing I rarely ever see lol. Actually I do understand what you are saying about phases...when I was young I was attracted to white and black guys-but black guys ended up winning out on that one and then for many years I was absoulutely no attracted to white men at all-then I met my hubby and hes pakistani, met him online and wasnt attracted to him, but we kept talking and bam, I fell in love. Now I totally think pakistani indian and hispanic, oh yeah and arab men are hot-, and in the last couple of years...Ive been finding white men attractive again. I think that some ppl just have a real wide range of what they think is beautiful. So are white men really that bad in bed lol

Missynegative, the person who wrote the article is of-course a ****!!! We all know that if a female of 13yrs old puts out, than she is a ****. Regardless of race and ethnicity. As my reply to unfairhair, if white men are really that bad in bed than white women have to be equally as bad. These have been the comments that I have heard from both white genders. There seems to be an internal conflict between the genders of the White-Non Hispanic group. I am saying this as a Hispanic male with friends of all ethnic/racial groups and genders. But I must also say that Latins/Hispanics of both genders are phenomenal in the sack. Latins/Hispanics are very passionate people and take sex to a whole other level.

Hey, all I can say as a white girl, if these hispanic men didn't enjoy our sex, they wouldn't be coming over to us so much. White women/hispanic men marriages are the fastest growing ethnic marriages in the US and are about to become number 1. (no.1 is White men/Asian women) So, clearly we are liking each other, eh?

Sexist. If the author were a boy talking about having sex at that age, you'd be giving praise and thinking it was normal.

This sux babe. It really sucks that you are married with someone you are not happy with. You know, i dont mean to be a bad influence but divorce is not immoral.

I was attracted to white girls because my first girl the one who took my virginity was white spanish and since then white girls are my number one mamacitas I love any skin color girl but white girls just melt me lol

Hey I am from Mexico City, and how come I can't ever find some hot white chick like you? lol

I feel like you just told my life story............

sucks. seems like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. I mean you're young and you're already having problems like this in your marriage.<br />
<br />
I hope if you ever get to the point that you're really unhappy that you'll leave your husband. My mother stayed with my dad always even though he was a bad husband and now she's old and miserable like Cybil Shepherd.<br />
<br />
On another note, I am so into the same thing you do. I search the net sometimes trying to find women from latin america having sex and talking dirty in spanish. Difference is I'm hispanic, but it is a huge turn on. I kinda secretly dream sometimes that I'll move to Mexico City for a short time and find a hot girl that speaks perfect spanish.<br />
<br />
You might want to check out Mexican Cupid dot com or Latin American Cupid. It's a great place to meet latin ppl.<br />
<br />
ok I better stop. this turned out to be a long post

Missy - I understand your attraction to Hispanic men. My boyfriend has these yummy dark eyes and this beautiful caramel skin. He is fairly fluent in English, but his accent drives me wild. I'm learning Spanish so I can enjoy his cute little comments more.

Missy - I understand your attraction to Hispanic men. My boyfriend has these yummy dark eyes and this beautiful caramel skin. He is fairly fluent in English, but his accent drives me wild. I'm learning Spanish so I can enjoy his cute little comments more.

I'm a hispanic man, and I think you're sick!<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />


I agree girl! One Hispanic boyfriend and I was ruined for white boys forever!

buenas noches señorita!