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When I was little I went to a Spanish camp for 4 summers.  Now I work at that same camp as a counselor.  I've gotten to travel to visit other counselors throughout Latin America.  I love the culture down there.  When I'm done with college I plan on living abroad and maybe working in an Embassy.  I love Hispanic men because many of them are the perfect mixture of traditional and modern.  They still know how to court a woman but at the same time many of them are liberal and believe that women are equal to men.  I know that not every Latin American guy is like that (trust me I've worked with very traditional minded men at camp) but plenty of them are!

Dingola Dingola
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2009

My dear, we Latino men are totally different! When we mix our heritage with the American way of life we become basically the perfect lover. Latinos are family oriented, Latinos are sexually hotter, and we tend to be liberal because we love life. Even our dances Salsa, Merengue, and Cumbia are totally sexual. How about the tango?

So if a woman wants to be really please she will begin with out tasty food, Margaritas, Mojitos, Piña Coladas and then she will progress to enjoy the finer things in life between the sheets of the bed!

Once she gets our way of life into her blood it will be almost impossible for her to get it out! It is like a one way trip and since most white non Hispanic men are no competition for us, they hate and despise us!

Yes, there is one down side, we are jealous and once you become his woman you have to understand that you have to learn to be a one man woman even when we love multiple sexual partners. But if you make it as the wife, lover or concubine you will be set and will never look for something else!

As you can see, I have shown you both sides of the coin. It is up to you to take it and enjoy it or leave it alone because it is like the forbidden fruit; Once eaten there is no way back!

i'am half spanish and half latino but your words enlighten my spirit, living were i live people look down to me, that is because there has been a specter that has been shadowing over our culture here in america and it has not been till recently that i found a person in my life who embraces latin culture in real life and bc of that i don't have to suppress my identity any longer. i guess the times are changing