An Old Interesting Law

I love history because it has link with our or our forefather's life. I have interests in finding out & reading history which many people regard as unimportant.
One day in a newspaper i read the fact given below.
During 15 or 16th century the churches implemented a new law in europe. If a woman marries a man having debts then she should have to pay all his debts.
Interesting thing in this is that they can escape from paying that money if the bride decides not to wear her wedding gown & attends the marriage ceremony at church in her birthday suit infront of all guests & those who gave the groom money.
For long time no bride was ready to do so.
One day for a wedding groom & all guests arrived. This groom had lot of debts. All the bride's family members were present but bride was not seen.
Then priest call for start of the wedding.
Then the bride appeared as EVE IN EDEN garden. She was hiding behind a large pillar. She walked towards the groom slowly without even trying to cover her modesty. Only after completing all the ceremonies she wore clothes. All the people who lend money to groom lost their money.
But this was the first & last incident as the churches removed this law after some years.
Note: if this law came now then what would be the fate of banks?
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What a great story. Love things like this.

bare hugs

as a history major, i find this to be extremely interesting and enlightening. maybe we need to re-enact this law.