History To Me

I love history. Most of my books are history books. i'm LDS, so I have some of thoes history books. I loved learning about the presidents of the U.S. and their conections to the profets of my church. How some of them would quot things from the Book of Mormon. I also hav egead about the castles and palaces in Eroupe. i love to read about places that i would like to visit some day . I find learning about the history of one of the Kings of England.
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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

my favorite was always elizabeth I. i started reading about her when i was 10. i thought it was interesting that she never married, but no big deal - my mom was divorced and had a profession, so i thought of it as just one choice. then when i got older and had boyfriends in high school and college, and i thought "this? elizabeth gave up THIS??" wow. a tough choice, really. her story is fascinating. but the whole monarchy is fascinating.