I'm Writing A Historical Novel . . .

. . . it's an erotic novel, but i swear i love the research as much as i love the erotic bits.  takes place in the early 13th century.  after the norman invasion, but there are still little pockets of saxon culture.  there is magic in it, but it's everyday magic like healing, divination, simple spells, agricultural religion.  nobody saves the world or anything.  

i am also fond of the elzabethan period, but decided not to write that period.  for one thing, when there is a seduction scene, it would take three pages for everyone to get their clothes off.  also, a lot of the language of that time is controversial -- ie, there are a lot of differing opinions and i don't want to get bogged down arguing with know-it-alls.  the english of the 13th century is pretty incomprehensible to the modern reader (try "beowulf" for example) therefore it has to be in modern english.  i'm enjoying myself walking a line between casual modern english and making sure to avoid any anachronistic figures of speech.

i know i need to write every day, but i have not been!  better get back to it.
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Let's make a small deal.
You'll do your best and go on writing and let's us know about it.
And I'll do something like on my own lazy novel project

Did you ever get to finish this story? From your profile I gather you suffered a loss that easily derails this sort of thing, but I'm unsure of time tables as this is quite an old post.

I love everything from early, monophonic chant through Baroque. Rococo leaves me bored, however, as does some Classical. The I'm back on board from the Romantics through 20th century. Minimalism bores me, too.

Is your fiction related to your interest in early music? How "early" does your interest extend?

i like music from the beginning of time to the early baroque --
beethoven is too modern for me ;)
though of course there is much mid-20th c popular music that i enjoy. but that's different.

thanks! i lost some chunks in a hard drive crash though. so maybe those parts were meant to be re-written ;)

You should try dropbox - would let you upload stuff to a secure dropbox account on the internet so if anything like that happens again you can just retrieve it. Or Just email yourself your work everyday :)

yeah, there are some good backup thingies out there. the problem is that i'd have to remember to do it ;) but i guess i feel more motivated now!

I wish you well with your book, you have picked a good historical period to write about.<br />
I have a factual family tree running from 1705 to now.

You've given me something to think about. I've enjoyed doing the research for four different non-fiction books, and enjoy writing erotic short stories. The idea that I could somehow combine the two interests hadn't occurred to me until reading this. Then, in a matter of seconds, I was able to flesh out an outline. Thanks so very much for the inspiration!

i love the combination of both that is what makes it exciting for me. if i was to say what would or would not do i love a strong woman in the story dont make her a whimp other wise lots of both makes me happy. i find learning while carrying my imagination is great i love it. dont worry so much write it let it be what it is.

yay! thanks! i get discouraged sometimes. wonder if i'm too historical for romance readers and yet too romantic for historical readers. but there's got to be lots of people like us out there ;)

looking forward to the release keep us updated when and so forth it happens good luck i love historccal romances and the ones that try to stay true to the time is even more appealing to me.

This book sounds like it may be a blockbuster, have you sold the film rights yet.

i wish! but i have chosen cast for the characters. helps me visualize them ;)

Well done, I hope that you finish your book soon, things like this are a sense of achievement, I read a lot of historical novels.

LMAO about Elizabethian's taking there clothes off, that's awesome. You have a good wit!! I like that. That and erotic novels! You are creative, you can express your thoughts. You also have a mind that lets you fantaize and imagine, excape the crap that's real life. I make my own efforts at creating stuff. Mostly lyric's myself but I do write poetry, etc, from time to time when the muse is with me!!! <br />
<br />
Thanks for posting - Dankerus

one of the interesting things about the kama sutra is how much of it is not about sex. we had a reading from it at our wedding, and people may have been apprehensive - but it was about how afterward the man should offer the woman refreshments, and show her the constellations ;)

Yeah I just finished a book involving years of research. Boy what a lot of eggs to put in one basket....

I know what you mean about loving the research. I'm writing some historical erotica and i love researching everything about the period. Write on!

It sounds very interesting. I would love to discuss this with you. I am in the process of writing an erotic novel, only it is in the Victorian Era.

doh! thatnks for reminding me it's been too long ;)

keep it up!!! smile

yeah, i feel like full-on fantasy is kind of cheating. but i do have some every-day practical charms, herbal healing and light spellwork, prosperity/agricultural workings etc. love spell or misdirection here and there, vague illusion/glamour but not the technicolor type. typical of the common beliefs of the period.<br />
<br />
i have probably spent more time writing - some days it feels like i'm just the muse's keyboard monkey and i can't type fast enough to write out the stories that the characters tell me. then i realize i need to know something very practical (like, how far is my location from the ocean? how high was the only hill in town? where was the closest monastery? how long did it take the upper classes to adopt the norman fireplace as opposed to the anglo-saxon hearth?) i don't pretend my protagonist is "typical" of the time, but she has to be plausible. then when i go to research, i get totally lost in that for awhile!

lol, it's intense, yeah. but i can't just go straight fantasy. i have to know if certain things were plausible or not. need to know what technology existed. my character is wealthy and eccentric, so i decided that if the technology existed she would have access to it. but i don't want to have time travel or extreme wizardry ;)

wow...that's too historical

oh thanks! i have so much done, but it's very episodic and i need to write the parts that hold the other parts together, if you know what i mean. everything erotic is totally character/plot driven, it's not just **** ;)<br />
<br />
i've been so lucky to have access to the libraries at harvard. had to read about the knights hospitaller to find out exactly how they'd treat a broken leg. it was pretty specialized technique at that time, but fortunately one of my characters had been on crusade and learned stuff there.

I hope you finish soon! That is one of my favorite time periods, I'd love to read your book. Good luck. :)