History Was Made Today.

History was made today, 01 May 2011, USA date.

And I believe it will make a Big difference in the upcoming elections. President Obama has come through in some of the big promises he said he would do while as President, such as "Don'st Ask, Dont Tell, and the most recent capture of Osama Bin Landen. The people will remember this day forever and will remember who was president when it all happened. President Obama will get re-elected, like it or not.
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Mikan, I second SEB's comment. Half a year later, with the economy in the tank along with BHO's approval, would you modify your prediction?<br />
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Even many of his supporters are despairing. Few still think he is competent, whether politically left or right. With the poor economy over-riding everything, even fewer care that he killed Osama. Those in the know understand it was the anti-terror apparatus that Bush put in place which made it possible. Most likely, Obama and Valerie Jarrett (his Karl Rove) were against it anyway. Leon Panetta, an old Clinton hand, now secdef, at the time director of the CIA, probably pushed the commando raid planning and decision through.

I still believe Obama will win his second term. He has come through will some big promises. He is doing his best and I believe the American people will give him another four years. That's just the way it's been for almost the last two decades.
The people have been giving the President eights years.

Do you think he is still going to win? I feel like with the bad economy and high unemployment among the youth his reelection could be difficult. Specially if republicans can come up with a moderate/centrist candidate.

He's qualified....that is why he is the President.

Your quick to blame Bush for the things you don't like and unwilling to give him credit when credit is due. Bush started this search 10 years ago , much of the Intel gathered was from detainees at Gtmo <br />
Obama had little or nothing to do with it, except grabbing for the glory and trying to appease his Muslim friends by giving Osama Bin Landen a proper Muslim burial at sea, Quickly so no independent source had a chance to verify that it was actually him. <br />
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This was no victory , Al-Qaeda Is a hydra, when you cut off one head two more grow back.

I think to elect someone because they caught the bad guy is silly listen to the principles and his messages. Adolf hitler was elected because he befriended the military and then he destroyed his country and the world. Obama isn't hitler but don't use the same principles

~ursalacg~you made a very good point in your comment. If felt like I was back in class. :)

Obama can only be given credit for leaving Pre-Existing policies and teams in place - and giving the go-ahead for pretrained personnel to carry out the task.

This is not a celebration of someones death, but rather a celebration of justice. And there will never be an end to terrorism. It will always be here. Also, no one was talking bad about the United States will they helped Europe and other nations that needed help in WWII or any other conflict. But, you are entitled to your opinion. :)

This is a victory...this has been a goal for the USA since 911. Yes, sacrifices were made but not in vain. How can you see this victory as a political maneuver? This is what the people of the US has wanted for the last 10 years. This is a victory for all people of the US.

I am not kidding myself...why do you think President GW Bush got re-elected...because his war in Iraq. Not because the economy and gas prices was right. And maybe ur right, they should put bin laden on ice for september.