History Is My Life

My Childhood was very difficult. My Dad who wanted a boy used to try to make me think "I'm a boy" and my Mum who wanted girl, that i was, wanted that  dress like girl etc.
In those time, i used to hide in Books, in storys. I was 10 when i found a article in a Magazine about the history of Agypt.  That was the first time i felt, there is another world, where i can walk into. After that i used to buy many books about history from every country, culture, people etc etc. It was for me like heaven.
It was diffrent world, so diffrent that i wanted to give up everything just to live there. I red books, magazines, watched documantion but that wasn't enough. I even wanted to invent a mashine which could trun back the time. I spend my whole life with it, I prefferd history then my friends, the realty .
The feeling if you see read about these thinks, you can't really explain. Its like if you fall in love with somone, for me was it history. I wanted to study this subjekt, but i coudn't . my parents just said, could you earn money, and i coudn't give them a proper answer. They just said. Your need money. Just money.
For this i hate really my life and i wished at that moment why why I like that, why i like History. It was like if the person u love broke up. But to tell the truth, somtime when i have bad days, i used make me coffe and start reading about place which existed long time ago, and at those moments , i feel like i was part of the history from long time ago
Drocell Drocell
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 17, 2011

Hi Drocell I am sorry this happened to you. I don't know your specific age or where you live, but you shouldn't let anyone (not even your parents) try and take away your dreams. I know there is a difference between being realistic and having wishful thinking, but what's the point of perusing a career that you will not be happy with? <br />
I too can relate to your story all to well, although mine has some differences. Where your parents tried to control you, mine where rarely around or under the influence of "certain substances". My dad had a big history fact book that I read over and over again. I never really had friends my age, even as I got older and would constantly be up the mall reading history books. I even remember a history teacher asking me if I had any friends in that class and me answering "of course this IS a history class, all I have to do is open the textbook!" lol<br />
Anyway, I type too much. In short follow your dreams. Even if you persue a non-History related career you can always study it as something to "fall back on" if your primary plans don't work out. No money can replace the fortune we find in the things we love!<br />
Cheers & Good luck!