Color Photos Of America's New Possessions (1900).

Fascinating photos of American soldiers in my country at the end of the 19th century. 

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Sorry rk, but I dont see that so "fascinating".<br />
We became a US colony after a war with 2M pipilipinos killed (1898-1905). Looking for japanese resistants, they destroyed Manila for ever and, finally they installed a corrupt style of life in politics wich we are "enjoying" nowdays.<br />
In my blood and personal memory there are -very well balanced influences of american, spanish and chinese people. I live have of the year in Makati/IloIlo and I love Philippines more than you could imagine.<br />
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I don't think the Americans are capable of wiping out a significant portion of the Philippine population (around 9M circa 1900) without the rest getting a clue and turning inhospitable. That is like saying a few thousand Spaniards killed most of the population in the New World piecemeal. Besides, my grandmother is sort-of an eyewitness. She lost 5 siblings (they were 17) to disease (cholera) and none to war at around the turn of the century. No offense, but do not be quick to judge. Making uncalled for judgments on limited information is, quite simply, pride.