Some Fun American History

For me, when learning about History, sometimes it makes it more interesting to learn about people in history in a little bit of a more interesting way. When we learn about them as people, it seems to make them less of just a name and date to memorize.

Here are some interesting facts about Andrew Jackson:
Many do not know that he was with a married woman. She was living separate from her husband because of his abusive nature. She married Jackson, thinking her husband had divorced her, but the divorce had not gone through, which made their marriage bigamous. When her husband reluctantly divorced her so that she could make her marriage to Jackson legal, she was shunned by others. In their time a divorced woman was looked down on. So, when others would chastise her or say cruel things about her, Jackson would enter a duel to defend his wife’s honor. Due to this he had several knife wounds and bullet wounds. It was said that he "rattled like a bag of marbles."


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Some of the US president's privacy that I rarely heard of it . History was equlity to everyone, it just told us that there was no person all-powerful, but which privacy you told us was just a interesting story that in order to let us seek more bright-point in president's personality, if he put down identity, he still could play as a nice husband. to the history, I appriciated the person , social envirnment, people's life(their incomes, or their life-value sense, and what something make it ? that's a important element that the history can make.