Family History

I believe family history is important too. I love listening to the stories about my grandparents and grand grand parents and how they lived, what they went through during the war and about the happy times.
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Your point is not lost on the attentive historian. One's family is composed of those who in some way made an impact on their world, in their time, just the same as you or I do today. In other words, they were a part of history. I don't mean just their family's history, but history in general. <br />
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I have an uncle in the Florida panhandle who has been retired from the Navy for many years. He has spent much of his retirement traveling this part of the country and researching our family's history. Everywhere he goes, he visits cemetaries and public records offices. He hunts downs distant relatives in far away places who don't even know they are related until he shows them the records he has compiled and finds the commonalities and ancestorial names they recognize. His visits usually always lead to family stories, copies from family bibles, and lists of other relatives he can contact to further the genealogical record.<br />
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As a result, the family tree is slowing spreading it's way back through time at a faster rate than it does forward. It is sometimes fascinating to learn how some of those old colonels from the Civil War turn out to be corporals, and vice versa. My family is composed of great men and women, common horse thieves, ordinary folks, and nobility. I stem from many different cultures that have blended into something unique, to include a Scottish Highland Clan leader and a great Cherokee Chief.<br />
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We often, as all people do, look at our children and their children and see the family that emerges from us almost exponentially; ever growing into the future. What we usually fail to consider is the fact that we have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grand parents, and 16 great great grandparents, and so on. Each generation back in time doubles and if you could go back as far as the time of Colonial America, you would find that there were a few thousand people who are in some small way ALL responsible for the creation

Thank you for this comment. I don't know much about my ancestors many generations back but I would like to one day and I will definitely try to found out more.

yeah, it is a very interesting topic. For example, thanks to my grandpa I know that we had "blue blood" in the past (even if the child with blue blood was not recognized by his father being born outside a marriage). Thanks to my father I know the history of our family name. We have quite a rare family name and the first meaning that people usually think it has is not the real origin of our name.

Its very important and interesting !