I Do Love Me Some History Xd

I LOVE LOVE LOVE World History...it's just so fascinating to learn about all of those different cultures and socieites and how they interacted with one another...

But American History...not so much. XD One can go through only so many years of State and American History during elementary school before she's had enough and just wants to throw the textbook out a glass window.

Back to World History. Our school only started teaching world history since 7th grade, so I haven't had too many years of it.

I've said on several occasions how cool it would be to start a history club, and my friend A will joke and say that I would start the club, and I would be the only person to join XD That's not entirely true, as I would find a way to make her join against her will. XD
TheSkunkLady TheSkunkLady
13-15, F
Sep 17, 2012