A Dark November Day

I can't believe it's been 49 years to the day. Seems like yesterday that JFK was murdered. Everyone glued to the TV and grabbing every newspaper there was to be had. Watching the new media crucify a man named Oswald. Listening to every lie and taking it as fact. How the government made fools of us all. And so much we still don't know.
We were even allowed to watch a live execution of a suspect that never had a trial. Neatly disposed of by being shot in a Dallas Police Station with 100 cops around and on live TV. What a sad four days in our history. I'm still amazed at how
Niece the American people were. And so sad that Thanksgiving 2012 has fallen on such a dark day.

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4 Responses Nov 22, 2012

I was in the womb when this happened. Didn't he make a speech promising to reveal things that the powers that be didn't want us to know?

Hearing things like this sickens me. I am so sick of the US pretending our hands are clean. We just don't hear about it. Would love to relocate to a neutral country some day.

Yes I know all about Hitler. thanks. :)

I noticed that many of the states crying for secession were states that President Obama actually won. As far as that goes I believe they are blowing smoke and need to get over their loss the same way we do when the republicans are in office. I know the loser and he would have ruined our country. Unfortunately I think there are other things brewing that have nothing to do with either party, but with the people that run our world. I know people who are moving to south america next month. I wish you all the best.

what fascinates me is how the conservative right was turned into the fall-guy, so to speak, for the death of John Kennedy. William Manchester's book, Death of a President, paints dallas and texas in very ugly terms and it would seem that liberal academics seized upon this, too. End result? People in America came to believe that right-wing zealots had shot and killed John Kennedy - even though Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist, if I recall correctly (no, I do not believe in the conspiracy theories).

you could argue that the counter-culture began on November 22, 1963. Within a year, it was certainly flourishing at berkeley and, by the end of the decade, the America of 1960 was no more. November 22, 1963, was a seminal moment in US history and a turning point.

We were in study hall helping other kids study for a test that day, when one of the teachers from school that also had a child in our group came rushing into the class room to yell us what had just happened, <br />
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Soon the school was enformed all students were given the choice of staying or going home. <br />
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Not long after that we ( wife and i ) were called to the office and told we had to go home and to little big eyes from her school.

know many things

however think that was why they pulled people from all over to be there to try and find answers

Many things are never talked about except in voice and never written down.

yes we will never know the truth