Wiley House Shoppe -keeping History Alive

If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. ~Pearl Buck

Who the heck are we?

We are a growing 18th Century mercantile that supplies re-enactors and everyday people with handmade, high quality goods.
Our hand crafted colonial style furniture includes campaign style beds, cots, trunks, tables, chairs and iceboxes. We also design and build full sized furniture for your home or office. Our wood finishes include milk paint and natural clear finish. We carry a wide selection of hardwoods and pine.
We have a full line of clothing for men, women and children. We specialize in clothing specifically tailored for big and tall men.
Additionally, Wiley House Shoppe offers live blacksmith demonstrations. We have a portable bellows-driven forge which lends a true and authentic feel to your event or craft show. Currently we make and sell hand forged ironware for cooking, lighting and camping.

We are your humble servants...

Mark and I are starting our own business. We've been at it for over a year now and have truly been enjoying every moment. I know in my heart that we can make this business a success, but we need help. We make and sell nearly all of our own pieces and travel throughout the year to different states with our 18th century sutler store. We have been saving like mice and have been stocking up and creating some really great pieces so we can be prepared for our big trip to TN and VA in May where we participate in four great 18th century shows. We are trying to raise enough money to purchase a used vehicle that will get us there (ours is ka-put!) as well as some fabric so that we can continue to create the highest quality 18th century clothing.
We humbly ask for your support and thank you for your kindess. If you have any questions, concerns, words of wisdom, thoughts, please feel free to get in touch with us. Please feel free to pass this email along....we can use all the support we can get.

But it's more than that...

We are trying to keep history alive by living it. Demonstrating it. Beliving that people still have an interest in how our country was founded. The Colonial Experience in America seems to us a part of the distant past, with little relation to our daily lives in the 21st century. By visiting 18th century tradefairs (a complete list of can be found on our facebook page and or website), you will see clearly that many ideas, forms, and practices which evolved in the two centuries before the American Revolution became deeply imbedded in our national psyche.
The past is still with us—we are a tree with many roots that go very deep. Sometimes it is necessary only to scratch the surface of our present selves to see where we came from.

We have hopes of eventually turning this business into a historical teaching program featuring colonial cooking classes and blacksmithing demonstrations.

Blacksmithing? Come on, how cool is that??

What's in it for you?

Aside from our deepest appreciation and gratitude, and the knowledge that we are keeping our American history alive, we have offered some "perks" to contributing on our campaign site. Some of these include handmade, 18th century furniture, an authentic reproduction mens hunting frock and even a day of blacksmithing with Mark Wiley!

Other Ways You Can Help

Whether you contribute financially or not - you can help us spread the word far and wide using the Indiegogo share tools. The more buzz created, the higher the gogofactor, which means more publicity, a higher ranking on the site, maybe even a featured spot on the homepage! So please help us! Get out there and make some serious noise!
We need your help to grow and establish our business. There are many things a new business needs to stay alive. We need supplies, a vehicle that runs and tons of love and support.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for contributing.


Jen and Mark

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Jan 11, 2013