I Read Encyclopedias Like They're Novels.

History has always been my first love, the topic of my daydreams, the focus of my life. I'm fascinated by the world and what made it how it is today. I read encyclopedias, atlases, National Geographics and history textbooks. This has filled my head with so many little tidbits which come in extremely useful for Jeopardy, and making strange observations to the rolled eyes of my friends.

My ultimate fantasy would be to time travel. I would go to Europe during the Renaissance, Canada when the First Nations ruled, Ancient Greece, Italy and Egypt, to Germany during WWII, America in the Industrial Revolution, EVERYWHERE!

Unfortunately, time travel isn't something I could hop on a plane and do, so that's why I've got my books :)
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I thought I was the only one who did that!!!! I've read five different versions of World Book cover to cover. and two sets of the Brittanica.

very impressive! i like this. i hope you get to do some travelling soon. it is so educational. and you will be able to see the many places you have read about and since you have invested the effort in reading..they will mean so much more to you! what fun! good for you. ;)

omg!! i would love to go back to the steel mills in pennsylvania when carnegie and morgan were running the country! i would love to visit a boarding house, talk with the immigrants....the ones who really built this country!!! i would love to be at ellis island when my ancestors "came over on the boat." i would love to visit a generation who actually knew the value of hard work and spending time with their family!!!<br />
<br />
and then, of course.....i'd like to be in israel when jesus was alive....i would want to meet him or observe him before he hit the age of 33!!!<br />
<br />
understanding history is essential to understanding who we are.

Wow! It's great to hear such enthusiasm about the best scholarly topic in existance! However, how could you leave Charlemagne Empire and Revolutionary/Napoleonic France out of your time travels? tsk tsk!