I love history and i have knowledge about Indian history either its ancient ( Indus valley civilizational 3500bc-1750bc, vedic ages,religion movement ,hinduism ,Buddhism,Jainism . Magadha dynasty ,Maurya's and Gupta's ) or medieval history ( islamic invasion into county) or modern ( European invasion) but i would love to know about Greece,Mesopotamia,Persian ,Japanese ,Chinese and Egypt history....I'd love to know modern history as well specially about world wars
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Hey, tell me about the medieval history! Focusing on Africa and then anywhere else....

I can tell you medieval history of india ( india, Pakistan, Afghanistan)

Are you saying that India included both Afganistan and Pakistan? I know about Pakistan as it's just Indian Muslims!

pakistan was in India only .....

So Afganistan was never?

Read history of indus civilians ( 2500 bc-1500bc)
You'll get your answer

Will do!

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