I love playoff time, especially when there are Canadian teams involved - it doesn't hurt, too, when I know someone who plays on one of those teams!  I get so wrapped up in it, needing to know what each team is doing, always hoping that Canadian teams get through. 

Last night I was pre-occupied with a weekly Tuesday event, and I couldn't watch the games.  Vancouver playing in game 7, Montreal playing in game 6....both on the brink of elimination.  Like a good Canadian girl who loves her hockey, I had pre-arranged with my sister to send me text-message updates so that I could know what was going on.  Fortunately, one of the guys that was there last night had the app on his phone (he planned ahead!) so that he could keep apprised of the games.

It killed me not to be able to watch!  Of course when we went out to a pub later, it was full, so we had to sit in the restaurant.  I found myself getting up a few times to go to the doorway into the bar to watch something when I would hear a cheer or a groan.  Then someone finally got a clue and turned the game on in the restaurant!  My blood was pumping, praying that the Canucks would hold on.  Deflation came when Chicago scored with less than two minutes left to tie it.  Gah!  The frustration!

I didn't wait out the over time period, I began to drive home.  I found the game on the radio, the commentator creating the image in my mind of where the puck was.  Five minutes into over time, Burrows scores and I let out a very loud "YEAHHHHH!".  I came so close to honking my horn in celebration....but considering where I was driving at 10:45pm, it wouldn't have been welcome!  I was so happy the Canucks got through!  Phewww!


It does remind me though, of a particular horn honking incident.  Picture it - it's May 2006, I'm on the prairie highway heading south to drive to another city.  My Edmonton Oilers are making their run for the cup (I can't remember who they were playing this particular moment, I don't think it was the final yet), and I'm listening to the commentator on the radio as I am driving (so angry that I had to miss the game!!!).  I listened to his words as they shoot the puck, and the Oilers scored three times in that game.

I layed on my car horn so much, I swear the cows were wondering what the hell was going on!  LOL  It was my only way to celebrate by myself!
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I think it'll be a Vancouver/Detroit west conference final. In the east, I am NOT hoping for a Philly/Washington final. I know that the likelihood of a Boston/Tampa final is small, but I can always hope, can't I? <br />
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Sandnsurf - I agree, they need to stop putting Carrie Underwood in the tv shot, like she's most important! Not that I have a problem with her per se, but come on, this is hockey, not country superstars. I can tell you, Canadians don't care about anything but the hockey!

So who is going forward after round 2? Vancouver, Detroit, in the west (if that is what we hope for) and Philadelphia and Washington in the East. (THAT IS WHAT I HOPE FOR!)<br />
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@Lucid...lets hope the Canucks beat the Preds....Carrie Underwood needs to spend some quality time with her husband!

Well....Red Wings only fall in to place if the Canucks are out of it! I must remain faithful to my Canadian teams first! I can't deny that I think the Red Wings are a classy organization though...first on my list of American teams!

It definitely was a nail biter! I do feel bad for Montreal though.

Thanks BB! I have a feeling the Canucks might continue to emotionally drain us...I'm not sure it's going to be an easy go!<br />
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Sandnsurf - I'm looking forward to round 2 as well!

Made it through the first many games came down to game 7 and overtime. Looking forward to round 2!