2011 Bruins

Just watched game 3 of the playoffs between the Bruins and the Flyers... Not to jinx us but, of course we won! Go Bruins!!! Let's get that cup!
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LOL, think so?? ;)

but, let's not count the chickens yet...remember last year.<br />
<br />
and yes, better than Philly. I wish the Sabres were playing the Bruins in this series. Would have added a bit of drama to the series

The game last night was great, as were all the games I've seen so far in the playoffs.

better the bruins than philly!!

This is the year we take the cup back!!!

You may want to knock on wood after this, but just ONE more game for the Bruins. Just ONE game to see how far they have come since last season. (:<br />
(My sister is hoping Canucks - Bruins for the cup ; her two favorite teams...that is never going to happen)

PREDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooops sorry wrong site!<br />
Good Luck Bruins 1972 was a LONG time ago!

That's right! Say it Flyers fans! All together now! "Goooo Bruins!"

s'okay orchid...given the way they played...I need to start saying the same thing....

go bruins! (sorry sandsurf)

"God Bless America".......:)

Broooons soooo out played the Flyers. I hang my head in shame. This IS NOT A SERIES LIKE LAST YEAR. And I can't even fault the goal tending here, on the Flyers side. Something is funky with our forwards. They just don't have the groove. AND YOU guys do have Thomas. He has been a phenomenal goalie. Best of luck to you. If Tampa Bay eliminates Washington, I will not have a hard time deciding who to root for....assuming your Bruins eliminate us tomorrow. I'll be rooting for the Buins too. Best of luck to you!

Yayy! Hooray for our teams!