Hockey Is A Great Thing !!

Damn I love hockey!! This years Stanley Cup Playoffs are no exception. This year I have 2 fav teams Boston (of course) and San Jose.. not sure why San Jose I have just really enjoyed watching them play!!   Hockey is just one of those sports that once you get hooked it's hard to let go. Plus there is such a rich tradition with the sport and even though I LOVE the fights.. I think it is most important to recognize the fact this sport has incredible team sprirt!! Just my thoughts ~ Enjoy the clip!

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Update on this story Girl...Boston plays Detroit...We'll get Whooped on...but Love my Wings!

frenchangel4jr- definitely. But this will be a great pairing as well. Thanks for dropping by :)

ggone- you are right about Luongo! But we've got Tim so I think we are good! He's played an awesome season as well. The waiting it the hardest part--ughhhh come one Wednesday! <br />
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Hey Sunshine- I knew you'd be pulling for the Canucks! LOL- its ok I love ya anyway :) <br />
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ronanp- I dont get it either, they can't be souvenir shopping can they ?LOL<br />
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OldUglyDude- Hockey is the best. I bet growing up in Detroit with the Redwings must have been pretty amazing!

I miss hockey..we used to have a local team, but they left town.<br />
I grew up in Detroit....go redwings!

Have to agree with you all. This series will go to 7. Tough call between the goalies. Thomas has been freakin awesome this year (and I think Boston will do it!) But Luongo has also been very good. There's a reason his name is on a hell of a lot of Goalie Sticks.....he is a great goalie! <br />
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Just wish they would start already. I hate having to wait until Wednesday!<br />
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Me to ronanp :) ... it's going to be some great hockey!

Thanks SummerCass... I love your thinking !! :)

Bassy & M101- whateva!!!!!! We'll see , and yes its all in good fun :)

Lmao<br />
All in good fun :)

you tell her, bassy...I say Vancouver in 6...Vanny has Lou...Kesler, the red-HOT Sedin twins, and, oh, did I mention they have a power-play and penalty kill that DOESN'T suck...?<br />
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Far be it for me to point out that Luongo led Canada to defeat USA in the Olympics :) Heehee

Profman- Yes he does ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's gonna be some great hockey :)

Tim Thomas rocks. Bruins take the Stanley Cup in 6

I knew you would be Bassy :) <br />
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We shall see who goes down my friend!

I'm with Des!<br />
Go Canucks !!!!<br />
Boston is going down!

ronanp- I know it! I was on the edge of my seat!!! Bruins fan here too :)

I hear ya des :) <br />
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No matter who wins it will be some great hockey!

rjcrjc- I know I was at the edge of my seat too.. it was soooo intense but that's one of the great things about hockey :).<br />
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WOO HOO we are on our way ! I think going against Vancouver will be pretty amazing too. Thanks so much for commenting!

Thanks monchino! I can't wait to go against the Canucks... either way you make it that far it's just fun to watch :)

Thanks pdcorujo- had to DVR it and am watching it now :)