Slap Me Silly, Sidney!

Born and bred Pittsburgh Penguins fan!

"Scratch my back with a hacksaw" as Mike Lange would say.

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7 Responses May 29, 2008

So...Bad mouth Detroit huh. We call Crosby a baby face here. Besides, when he grows up...he can carry Malkin's stick bag. CINDEY ....CINDEY....!! lol

Let's Go Pens!!!!

Well...the cup has been passed. But damn...the pens hung tough til the final buzzer. Awesome series. Triple overtime, final shot on goal at the the final buzzer. What I really saw was a young team, (that haven't quite learned all the tricks of the trade that come with ice time) hanging in their with the vets. What a treat for next season. Now they've been no first timer nerves next time. Awesome. P, E, N, S..pens..pens..pens!!

Yeah, I don't like the Rangers either, and we beat them too this year in the playoffs. Of course I was really wanting to beat the Rangers because of Jaromir Jagr... He is really hated here in Pittsburgh because he said he was "dying alive" here... And we did nothing but cheer the man... So there is some animus there.

That's true... I don't hate the Red Wings... I hate the Flyers... We beat them, so I can at least be happy about that even if we don't win the cup (as I know with the talent we have, it's inevitable to win it within a few years)

Hell with the Wings. I've heard from multiple sources that "hockeytown" is getting lazy.<br />
<br />
By the way, if you do like in Detroit, thanks for the kind welcome you gave us during Super Bowl XL. We sure appreciate it.

P...E...N...S pens, pens, pens!!!