Canada-Russia Challenge

As the series wrapped up, I couldn't be more happy with the outcome. For those who don't know the Canada-Russia challenge was a 4 game series as a 40th anniversary of the summit series. The first two games in Russia, and the last two in Canada. After the first game it seemed like there was not going to be much of a series, but then became very hard fought. After the third and fourth games it was much like the summit series, Canada was backed into a corner just as they were 40 years prior. The last game was most exciting game I've seen since the 2010 Olympic gold medal game. Very nice to see the two completely different styles of hockey show through. Canada had to win the game in regulation time, or fall to the Russians. Canada fought hard and earned the win, to tie up the series. It was so exciting as the third period counted down, knowing how close the game was, but hey rallied together, and pulled out the win. Now the series is a tie and everyone goes home happy right? NO! There had to be a winner of the series, so it went to overtime to decide who the victor would be, and in a Henderson-like fashion, Strome scored to give Canada the series. So many moments in this series was reminiscent of the summit series. I know the significance of this series is nowhere near where the summit series was, but still a huge time in Canadian hockey history with Canada on top, and a heavy rivalry to last. Above it all, it is so great to see so much young talent from the juniors, knowing how successful they will be in the NHL, and maybe even representing their countries at a higher level. Great to see the rivalry is still going strong and still very competitive. Since the summit series was way before my time, it was incredible to have something like it for my time. Its times like these that I just say wow. Building my love for hockey, and Team Canada! Now perhaps the greatest rivalry ever continues...
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awesome story, thanks for sharing! Team Canada Rocks. :)

Thanks! Much appreciated :)