Is It Hockey Season Yet????

A lot of pretty interesting moves were made in the off-season so I'm really looking forward to getting things going for 08-09!  I mean, Barry friggin Melrose is making his return to coaching for the Bolts!  Hossa signing with the Red Wings! 

And of course my Stars signing Sean Avery is going to be quite exciting to watch!  LOL :)



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4 Responses Sep 9, 2008

ewww sean avery...hes a grown man acting like a child. haha how sad? but gotta love the entertainment. im dying for hockey season =[

I cannot imagine Sundin as anything but a Leaf however... I'm sure ppl thought the same of #99 when he was in Edmonton. Ya just never know these days. <br />
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Personally, I hope he stays a Leaf.

...I wonder how the Panthers are going to do now without Jokinen, while the Blackhawks should improver even further. So do you guys think Sundin will return to Toronto?

Hey, I love the Leafs. Some of my fave pla<x>yers are Leafs including one of my fave goalies of ALL TIME -- CuJo! :)