I Do Love Hockey,

I have since I was a child. I am lucky my brothers used to let me play on the rink my father built in the back yard.  The other guys in the neighborhood wouldn't let me play cause I was a girl.  ********.......  hehehe. Anyway, I was an Islanders fan. I still remember my first game!

I still root for the Islanders but today I am an Atlanta Thrashers fan. I know, they suck this year. They did well last year and then fell apart after the All Stars gane break. My husband took me to the All Stars Game at Phillips Arena. It was awesome and a once in a lifetime experience!

When I was in NY a few weeks ago, I read that the Islanders might move to Kansas City!  All because they want a new facility because the Nassau Colliseum isn't good enough anymore! Man, It was good engough for me to see the Islanders play and all of the concerts I went to there........ I hope they stay on LI. I love their sweaters and patches with the Lighthouse and Old Salt!


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3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Hockey Rules. Been a fan since '74, when NBC originally did the games on the weekends, and Peter Puck was around. It would be disastrous if the Isles moved to K.C. They need to get a new arena built pronto, like the Pens are. Maybe once again, all the K.C. talk will get the locals to do something, and get it built, before Nassua falls down. I'm a Hurricanes fan, down here in N.C. Used to watch them for years when I grew up in Mass. , when they were the Whalers. Funny how they followed me here 3 years after I moved. Hockey does rock, it so fast, and skilled, and has the best trophy in sports ( Stanley!!!!)

I had read some of the issues in Newsday but I didn't get the whole picture. I did see the plan renderings of the new proposed place. It is beautiful but from the looks of the game attendance (here in Ga too!) things are looking bad with the recession. They are calling all the time trying to nearly give tickets away.You're right about the trades too. I was shocked, quite frankly, when the Panthers gave away Luongo. He's such a great, young goalie. It is always a treat to see him in the crease. The last gimmick was if you buy two tickets in a certain area, you can eat all you want for free! LOL I'm going for the Carvel! haha!

Like you, I'm a big hockey fan and an Isles fan, too. The aesthetics of the Coliseum is only part of the issue. The lease for the place is awful and it's causing the owner to lose about $20 million a year. Of course, it didn't help that pea-brained Mike Milbury traded away superstars like Zdena Chara, Robert Luongo, Jason Spezza and on and on and on and got virtually nothing of value in return.<br />
Boy, are we paying big-time for the Dynasty Years ...