Snowbunny Loves Hockey!

God I love hockey. I am totally addicted to watching the players skate on the ice and knock the crap out of each's so physical.

One of my first memories is watching a playoff game in Raleigh,NC. I am not even sure who the Carolina Hurricanes played but I was on the first row righ behind the glass. I was mesmerised, I couldnt move. I've seen many games since then but nothing quite as impactful.

I love the fighting!!


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Zdadude- unfortunately I cant argue with you on the Canes, this year has not been their best but hey I am a true fan so I still got to keep on pulling for them :)

Rangers all the way baby hahaha n where r the cans that's right no where lol mabye if they move back to Connecticut my birth place lol

Affectioncraver- I do love hockey! The best seats were right behind the glass, you can see them fight better !!

I have actually sat in different areas all over the RBC. We need to go to the playoffs, its been too long!!

Come talk hockey too me! It is a small world~

OMG, your from Raleigh! I attend 'Canes games too. What a small world Girl! Where is your fave place to sit in the RBC Center? Is it the glass? I like to sit just a few rows up, so I can see the puck. I once saw Gary Roberts, a few years ago when he played for the 'Canes, come right out of the penalty box, do a 180, and punish a guy right up against the boards. Never seen anything like it before, or since. WOW!!! We have got to talk! Hockey rules.

Go Bruins!!!! best recond in the NHL

I thought you would see things my way hon...

But if you need some help seeing things a little more clearly please let me know and I will be glad to assist you in any way I can :)

Ahhh...I see now...

I must admit, you make a *very* compelling argument, dear..



Yes you should no there is only one side dear...mine :)

Snowy: Honey, I merely said that I thought the Rangers looked good this year...LOL

And besides, why can't I have Bob side with me?

Is there something I should know here in the old

sport-tracking world on EP?


Hey wait a minute cannot have Bob siding with you... and I do like the Rangers too ;)

Rangers are still a good team...

Bob: I'm starting to bet a lot more heavily on "your Rangers" this year, and it seems to be working...LOL...remind me to make sure I get up to speed on your team, and stat...

:) is my sport..It's exciting...

bass, I thought you lived in Toronto? Shame on you...LOL

and BTW, GO Sens GO!

Alfie's back...Gerbs has his Vader mask, at last...Elliott will likely back up in net come next year after Auld steps out, that twit Meszaros is gone...oh, I'm a happy man...*laughs*

Hell yea! Go Habs Go :)

I like the Islanders as well SecretKinkster ...there are a few teams to watch out for this year :)

NY islanders fan here. And we have a young and talented team this year. Watch out!

My Blackhawks are 13 & 9 with very young players. Kane and fellow rookie Jonathan Toews are on the cover of The Hockey News this week. I was at the game where Toews scored his first goal which was a very exciting play in which he went aroud three players to score. I'm gad to see hockey is again gaining a strong fan base. Kudo to all for supporting your teams.

Of course the Rangers Bob!! I wouldnt think you would have chosen any other team :)

I have a spot in my heart for the first Six.

Go BlackHawks

It sure does tia!! Makes you want to stand up an hollar!!

You guys have AWESOME hockey fans!!

I'm glad to meet a fellow hockey fan..I havent met many

Since I live in North Carolina...its the Carolina Hurricanes.