Dreams In To Reality!!!

I had many dreams since I was born 20 years back hopefully from the day I was born in this world. So its a list of many things, good as well as bad. I know its damn difficult to turn all in to reality, but atleast some dreams is really possible.

I have started working on my dreams for the last one month. Because I realised that " achieving something which is not our wish is not a real achievement, but achieving what we like is an ultimate achievement". Years together just studied to get good grades, ofcourse it didn't give me interest and positive attitude towards my life. Life is something to fullfill our dreams and wishes before die.

I have many wishes to learn swimming, skating, ice skating, playing guitar and lot such stuff. I never rejuvanated my energy when I got grades and scores in my academics, because that is not my full interests and dream. From the last month I started learning swimming, though I didnt achieve any gold medal or olympics medal and even I dont knew properly till now. But even learning is giving me much pleasure and now fresh thoughts are running in my very positive.

So friends turning dreams in to reality is very important in liffe!!!~~~~

nissn nissn
18-21, M
Nov 5, 2011