Well To Be Precise I Love To Be Held...

Having a girlfriend hold me while I pee, doesn't matter whether she's full or empty herself, is heaven.  Wish I had someone to share it with at the moment.

Fewer onf my ex's have been willing to do this than have been willing to get totally full and bursting themselves for my pleasure.  Why is that?
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4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

I have a pee glass holds 500ML and my wife will hold it at the tip of my penis and hold it as I fill it up.

I loooooove holding a guy's "member" while he pees. I've only been lucky enough to find one guy who'd let me do it.

I'd let you hold me anytime. Play as much as you'd like to.

LOL, now I have a mental image now!

My wife and and I find that is a good form of foreplay during private outdoor sex..<br />
<br />
In fact she has gotten rather good at signing her name in the snow during outdoor sex on skis while I provide the liquid involved. Just make a nice fun little fetish of the yellow sc<x>ripting,and it makes for interesting foreplay.leading up to stading rear entry sexual coupling while either on snowshoes or skis on a warmer sunny afternoon, slowly moving down a gentle slope in the privacy of our mountainous backyard, resulting in a dual climax just before arriving at the bottom of the hill. ..

Funny you should mention that because I have had many girls hold it for me while I pee, mostly outdoors, but there was one that loved writing in the snow while holding me. We would get a great laugh out of it and it sure felt good to me.

Wow, be careful it might break