Spreading My Wife's Legs

I did that a few times, because I love to have my wife satisfied and That excites me so much, I even have inserted onto my wife's vagina her boyfriend's ****, and feel how the ***** go through his **** into my wife, oh man this is really exciting, and is very pleasant to my wife too.

I do that, because I love my wife, and she participate in the same way with me, helping me to have the most pleasant sex experience. 

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8 Responses Feb 1, 2010

i wud luv to feel another mans hard **** spasming in my hand as his hot ***** gushed out into my wifes ****!

Me to.

I have held my wife's labia apart with one hand while guiding the other man's organ into the open slot with my other hand. I kiss her and stroke her boobs while she is being penetrated. I have kneeled over her head and held her ankles high and spread apart when the other man's oragan is thicker than normal. That makes it much more comfortable for my wife until her vagina has expanded to accomodate the thickness. When I do that, the wife shows her appreciation to me by sucking on my penis.

Yes I agree there is nothing better than feeling another mans **** pulse as he **** inside my wife's *****. I love the look on my wife's face as it happens too, she gets an I am a dirty **** look in her eyes which makes me hard as a rock.

My wife and I fully understand.

you sound like a very thoughtful caring sort--anything to insure your wife's pleasure is a good thing, but feeling her boyfriend *** in her ***** must be exciting too

real good job, i appreciate, ur concern 4 each other for this great pleasure.

Absolutely! We agree!

What you describe is the most wonderful kind of sex...