No Money For The Holidays

This year is gonna be kinda empty under my Christmas tree, but it is gonna be a wonderful Christmas just the same.
The kids are older now, and the grand babies will get goodies from Santa, so from grandma much love and sweet baked goodies.
I must admit I have always went over board and just bought up everything for everybody for Christmas, so it really hurts the ole heart. But not being able to work for so long now I have not a penny for anything, just doctor visits and medicine is hard enough.
I am watching GMA as folks come together after the storms, and it really makes one step back and say so much to be thankful for in this life.
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I'm in your boat this year..I like and admire your loving outlook..You are a super person! Thanks for the inspiration which we all can learn from.

May you be blessed this year!!! thanks for the kind words, made me smile real big...

you have a big heart, which has so much love for your family...and that is the best christmas gift everxxxx

thank you sweet one, i just love you. and for the grand babies i have decided we are gonna have a day of cookie making and the presenting those for Christmas gifts i think they will love that i hope so. may God bless you.

Hey nice picture! Lol! Hon im broke as hell to do what im doing! Go to walmart, they have an awesome layaway this year! You can do toys, electronics, including dvds, and jewelry! It has to be over 15.00 thats the only catch, its 10.00 down or 10 % i think. Anyhow you have until like December 17 th to get everything out! You dont have to pay weekly or anything! Just get it out on the allowed date! Its really helped me out so far! I hope this helps you!

thanks, but truth is i have no money, only food stamps to buy cooking stuff, i haven't been able to work in over a year, so no payday means no lay-a-way, thanks for the advice thou.

I hear ya, it will be 8 months for me of not working too :) have you tried selling stuff? I know in kingsville we have a few sites on fb that you can sell clothing, pretty much anything, i do that to to make

To make extra money! Or craigslist! And around this time of year people advertise things like homemade cookies and candies to sell. A lot of people dont have time to make things like that and they seem to sell really well! Theres a lady who does stuff with watermelons like baby buggies, turkeys, stuff like that and she charges 45 dollars! This might b right up your alley! Try craigslist too! I hope this helps :)

So many wonderful ideas, and cooking is what I do best so maybe can cook for folks for the holidays. thanks a million.....

Absolutely! You just have to get creative! Everyone loves cookies, bars, breads around this time of year! And remember fudge is always a winner!!!

have put my ole collectors stuff out there, maybe something will sell, gonna take biscuits to the store where i use to work and try to sell em. thanks for the support and ideas.

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