This year is shaping up to be one of my best ever and truly about the right things...like most people my friends and I are feeling the fiscal crunch this year so we made the holidays about us and not stuff...we agreed no one gets to spend over ten dollars so we either had to get creative or buy crappy gifts,,,I am confident about mine...lol...after all I am the artistic one of the bunch....add to that we are doing cookie day and also we decided making ornaments would be awesome especially as I needed pagan ornaments for my tree and a fun way to involve the kids in the circle...I also love that although we are from different religious beliefs we can come together and let everyone do their thing and be supportive...add to that my son is coming home for Christmas and my closest friend/mate is coming for Solstice/Christmas/New Years and I am sooooo ready....found a lefse griddle to borrow and a place that sells tom and jerry batter so I all set *wide warm happy smile*
Blessed Be
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Lefse I can deal with. Lutefisk .. not so much.

Happy Holidays, pix. =)

there is no Lutefisk in my world...lol. :p

how many your family ? what The economy that occurred when decided resolution $ 10 ?
This must be done by a person in crisis

no we decided as none of us have a lot of money we wouldnt spend a lot on our gifts for each other...I like that besides its better if you have to think of something and put time into it rather than mindlessly spending

oh and here in Minnesota my friends are my family...my sister and her family live out west