Dear Mr & Mrs U.S.A.

Your distant cousins are coming for a visit , you remember the other half of the special relationship,  the  kinda quirky funny ones, dress up in a skirt at new year and weddings .They say they love the place. Now just a few points to remember, they don't live in a castle , and I think we asked them before yup yup iam sure we have they don't know our Auntie in  London because its in England and their from Scotland . They drink tea at the drop of a hat , any time anywhere and its hot with milk ... not cold with ice. They haven't actually seen Nessie  no but been to the Loch several times caught salmon but not Nessie so don't ask . Oh and the Brave heart thing don't to the brave-heart thing . Oh if he asks for the footie results its the proper football results from Scotland his team is Rangers  and no he doesn't sup a pint of Guinness while watching the game ,Guinness is Irish he drinks something called drams ,what ever you do don't ask him about it , he starts lamenting about sherry casks and the angels share , no just smile politely and switch on the TV, baseball  in fact swear to god he will be fast a sleep within  minuets.

Oh its New York so if you have any suggestions of places to go would be appreciated ... been before but late start two years ago silly bomber at Glasgow airport he,s dead and well hasn't stopped them visiting .... nice to get visitors .



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7 Responses Mar 22, 2009

I may not know Mr Connery or Gerard but I have met them and shared a few drams with the man from Edinburgh .....

And what exactly is under that skirt?


Yes, you know Sean Connery?

Wow! Lucky you!!

Well off to Florida next week , then to the Carolinas in June ....

Lol .. when u going?