Mmmm!!!!back Home!!!!

good morning!!! hi my name is Susan.i am back home(Florida) staying with friends for x-mas and new years.i live and work in L.A.and Shannon is cooking it just hit me how much i miss home.egg's bacon,grit's, biscuit's.homemade god it is good to be home and with friends....
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Nothing like home cooking. I concur. Eat well, and enjoy. It's even better when you are with friends/family.

Love the stories, Please add me. Thanks.


thanks..and the same to you!!!!!

Sounds like a meal fit for a King. I love the south. :) is our home..i could never see us leaving the south..or Florida for that matter.born here and will die here...

Wish I could have some. I tend to make sausage ham and onion omelet with spinach. How does that sound?

sounds good but add cheese.and nice pepper jack maybe,,,

Sounds a breakfast order

no..but i may try it in the morning....

Hot damn I am on my way to have some breakfast, it is my favorite meal of the day


I will when I get down there to where it is being cooked in the southern parts of Florida is home...we are sure you will like it...

I think so, just give me a chair and some corona and a nice warm 80 degree day and no one will hear a peep out of me oh and some food 3 times a day

well we are a blue yummy house (bud lite) house.but we are always cooking around know shannon...little miss hostess...omg..did i just say that..

Bud lite will work with me too, I can drink more of it if that is the case and yall know I won't turn down any food and I will bring my own chairs with me so now all I have to do is travel down there and start my retirement early


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