Egg Nog - German Home Made - The Best You Will Find

As my parents and I came from Germany, this is real egg nog, the way it was made over there, for as long as I can remember. I lived there in the 40's, which was the first 10 years of my life. If you go into a restaurant or on the ski slopes in Germany and ask for an Egg Nog, this is what you will get...It is not contaminated with milk, and you drink it in a shot glass or very small tumbler, rather than a water glass. The Egg Nog that my parents made was done with Vodka, as that was the only thing that you could find during the war years, that was cheap and available. In Germany you would ask for an Eier Cognac (pronounced "I ER CON JAK" I think that people with money used brandy or cognac to make it and I would think that you could use any alcohol to suit your taste...I still make mine with Vodka, as it is cheaper.

I have created a Power Point sheet showing the pictures with the text.. But can not add that here so I will just print the text and elaborate where necessary...

Get out Mixer with Large Bowl- A metal mesh strainer that will reach across the bowl...If you only have a small strainer, use a smaller container to strain the eggs and then transfer it to the mixing bowl.. I use the strainer to take remove the yoke membrane... Mother never did it...but it makes the drink smoother... --12 eggs-- - A container for egg white (the egg whites, you can fry up for breakfast or make Morangs out of it...As long as you don't drop any of the yoke into the whites) You will need a Funnel,, A soft rubber spatula,,, A Soup Ladle,, Clean Empty Bottle and a 5th of Vodka.

Crack Egg and break shell in half. Move the Yoke from one half to the other letting all the egg white drop into the container. Remove all egg white you can. If you break the yoke, make sure that you only drop yoke into the mixing bowl... If there is egg white still in with the yoke, drop it into the egg whites and use it for breakfast.

Drop yoke into the strainer and break the yoke with a spoon.. (Generally, you use 12 large eggs. You can use more or less, depending on how many you have or how large they are.)

Do all 12 eggs.

Move the strainer around so that all the yoke goes into the mixing bowl... Scrape the bottom of the strainer with a spoon or knife to get all the yoke... My dogs, usually clean up the membrane from the strainer.....

Start the mixer and beat at a slow speed...It gets messy if you turn it up too high... Keep the speed just fast enough to keep the bowl turning by it self... With the soft rubber spatula, scrape the bottom to release all the yoke so that it can be mixed in... Don't get the spatula wedged into the spinning blades... (Common sense....Very lacking these days) When the yokes are fully mixed and creamy looking,,, As it is mixing, add one level Tablespoon of sugar for each egg in the bowl.

Let it mix until all the sugar is liquefied and the ingredients are nice and creamy. While it is mixing, use the spatula to clean the sides of the bowl as well as the bottom to ensure that the sugar is loosen up and is properly mixed in ...( out for those blades. Hold the spatula against the back side of the spinning blades, to clean it.

When it is nice and creamy, slowly pour in the 5 th of Vodka. Continue cleaning the sides and bottom of the bowl to ensure it is mixed properly... I use a table spoon and test it regularly to ensure that the taste is just right..... *** a dash of Vanilla Extract and a bit of liquid Almond... You can do without it, if you do not have it on hand...

When you feel it is properly mixed... Using a soup ladle and funnel and transfer egg nog from
Bowl to the empty bottle. I prefer to use the shorter bottles, as they fit into the fridge door better. Jagermeister bottles work great and if you like Jagermeister. The next time that you go to the store.. Look for Schwartzhog, it tastes like Jagermeister, but is $10 a bottle cheaper.

Keep the egg nog in the fridge and remember that it is not a Christmas drink. It is great to sip any day of the year. Keep in mind...... it is not drunk from a water glass and is great to have along for cold winter sports. Also Remember:.. Recipes like good jokes are meant to be shared with others.

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Jan 1, 2011