Having Good Priorities In A Man

I want someone who will except me for me.
Not be insecure about what his friends think.
I want someone who wants to get married.
I want someone who is money stable.
I want someone who shares the same religion as me.
I want a man who has goals and dreams for a family.
I want man who will think I'm worth it and except my life.
I want realistic things in someone and someone strong in himself,
he needs be to confident and respect a girl and treat her right.
He needs to except what my body looks like curvy or skinny
He needs to except that I am not a tan babe but just a quiet white girl

The end.
LonelyGirl322 LonelyGirl322
2 Responses Nov 25, 2012

If i don't know what kind of guy I want I'll always be dissapointed :)

Theres nothing wrong with ` not being tanned and being a quiet white girl` people usually say once you stop looking that special someone will appear...I really don`t believe in that. In order to find someone you need to look, or speak out, the first step, that I honestly admire is that you posted what it is you want...