" Hypocrites, Are You One Of Them? "

No one likes a Hypocrite! I left many churches because of it. I am not sure I would ever go back into another one again! I worship my Lord in my heart, mind and home.

Let's be honest, why be good for only one day when the rest of the church can watch you? You don't think The Almighty sees what you do behind closed doors?

This piece is not about Religion but about being a real sincere person in the flesh! It's easy to point fingers at people but don't kid yourself, your soul knows you shouldn't be doing that.

When there is a misunderstanding, it usually takes two people to do that. I don't prefer Pink Cloud Christianity or any beliefs that tell you that everything is good. That's a LIE!

Mostly everything you would like to do is bad isn't it? you just have the sensibility not to do it and for some, they just do it anyway but they pretend to not do it or agree with it! It's called being double minded.
Double minded individuals cannot be trusted, you do understand why right?

I refuse to listen with my heart to a bunch of scam artists that say they care then point fingers on you! Hypocrisy is a SIN in God's eyes and it ought to be in ours as well. Tell me one good reason why we ought to be hypocritical? Just come up with one reason please! If you cannot, then I guess I made my point.

To those who know that they have this character flaw, it's not too late. Just make a decision to stop being a hypocrite and come clean! It's that easy!

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12 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Amen! HUGE difference between personal spirituality and religion. The only private, personal FREEDOM I have is the quiet times between me and my God. All else is up for grabs because most of the time it is not sincere or real, but motivated by self interest from the government on down to the people you work with, sometimes your family and your friends. But at least your family and friends you can call on the carpet and duke it out. Get to the real truth and attempt to have real conversations.

well said hun i agree with you completely its not just christians that are hypocrites try catholics as well in my life so far i am yet to meet a true catholic who practices exactly what the good book tells them.

I'm undecided on this whole dying god thing, but I can tell you I've seen the Spaghetti Monster in real life. I was on the side-walk downtown and it went right past me in full view. Even nodded his noodly appendage in my general direction as it passed. True story, promise.

Maybe you haven't found the right church for you, maybe you are going to the wrong kind of church or maybe you are just easily offended. You can not go to a church anywhere that doesn't have hypocrites. Could be God is still doing a work in them as well as you and me. :-)

Great read and i agree completely. Though i don't believe in sin nor do i believe that everything is just hunky dorey. I believe that most of the time we live on the other Side in our God and Goddess's realm of Perfect Love. There we learn all about life but it is like learning all about apples from a book. If you really want to learn about it you need to eat one. So we plan out the life experiences we want to deal with while we are here. Unfortunately that means we have to choose some negative people to interact with including the hypocrites. And the hypocrites need to learn from the negative fall out of being said hypocrite.

I believe in one god and he loves us all. When you poit a finger you have three pointing back.

Well said!

I like you. Ever read any Kant? He said most people are only motivated to do good things when it benefits them in some way( i go to church because it makes me look good). A truly good person does good things in spite of its detriment yo them. ( i gave my last dollar to the church so i will not eat tonight).

You are right for the most part. I can't disagree. But I would like to say when I do go to church which is not a lot, I go to learn the bible and worship the Lord. God did not put that church there so people can judge others. Some Christians have a lot of selective reading. By that I mean they read the parts they want to get on my *** about but skip over what they don't want to here. Oh by the way I am a sinner so as the good book says Those without sin throw the first stone. Well I will be waiting a long time before I throw any stones. Party on congragation and do so in the birthday suite the Loard give ya.

You sure make a good argument, that is why I haven't been in a church for quite a long time now.

AGREEEEE!!!! On board with everything you said... Being kind to your fellow man (woman) and spirituality (not religion) is all thats needed. Everything else is a dictation of how we should live. Religions, religious leaders, community members pick pieces out of contest to make things the way the want...

When was the last time there was a church sermon on erotic, sensual sex... how to enjoy it .. pleasure? Its in the bible.. old testament.. "songs of solomon". They just prefer not to do that because they are uncomfortable with it or afraid of it... Guess thats why the Protestant religion only recognizes the new testament.. wrote things the way they like..

You go girl .... crush the "machine"

i believe in the GOD withinus all i do not go to any church but know in my heart when i am off ba<x>se you will find god in your heart a divine spark within . vinny